Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Yesterday was a strange sort of day.......I don't feel that I actually did anything yet somehow the day disappeared. I think I went into "wandering" mode.... I'm a bit "Mother Hennish" around Mick at the moment...even more so than usual. He is still not eating or drinking and has had a lot of problems with the mucus in his throat; his breathing pattern has changed slightly too. He has also not passed urine at all. He has intermittantly opened his eyes wide but as much as I like to see him with his eyes open I would rather he slept peacefully than be coughing and choking. I must admit I have stolen a few kisses and gentle hugs......I needed them.

Another "crazy" Doctor's Surgery story......I phoned up the Chemist to see if Mick's prescription was wasn' I phoned the Docs to see when it might be seems that despite our Doctor's Surgery being fully equipped with computers...they don't have a all prescription requests have to be sent to a surgery the other side of town to be printed out, then sent back to our surgery for signing before they get sent to the Chemists. Now I understand why it takes so long to get a prescription filled...all that to-ing and fro-ing must take up so much time and workforce.... Why have computers and NO printer???? Crazy!!!

It probably didn't help my mood much that the weather was gloomy and cold and we didn't get out into the garden at all. However it really cheered me up when I saw that not only had there been visitors to the Easter Egg Hunt, but there had also been some sign ups in the Mr Linky boxes, some comments,a poem and some jokes! Best of all there has even been a donation!!!! I'm really hoping that this will continue........I'd like to think that the money that is raised will mean that one day, in years to come, we were all a cog in the wheel that cured or prevented cancer. I don't want future generations to have to go through what Mick and I are going through.

So if you haven't already paid it a visit please do; new "fun things" will be added all the time and each day there will be new "eggs" to find. Even if you don't wish to donate at least join us and have a bit of fun........go on ...we've even laid on transport....just click on the car!

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CG said...

Ruth, it's a beautiful day here and I hope you have sunshine too.I'm glad you had some sweet hugs and kisses yesterday. I hope today Mick gets a little appetite back.
A surgery without computers! The mind boggles....!

Audrey said...

Ruth its good to see the bar up another two percent, and well done again on your excellent work with the blog, car laid on

Your story about your lack of printer at the surgery is crazy beyond understanding, it probabaly cost more in terms of fuel and manpower than actually buying a logic to this at all

I hope today is a better day for you, perhaps a little sunshine and more of those gentle hugs and kisses for Mick. (((big hugs)))

talj said...

My Dear Ruth,

So glad to hear you had hugs and kisses with Mick yesterday I am sure they are a real comfort to you both.

Doctors surgeries....I think you and I could write a book on their incompetancies!

Lovely weather here in Leeds hope you manage to get out in the garden today, even jut for a sit on the bench :o)

Much love and {{{HUGE HUGS}}} xxx

Icarus said...

Hi Ruth! Hope you had a good night's sleep. After reading your post, I got involved in the deepest recesses of the Egg Hunt, bemused and blearied by all the links, seems I've sorted out the donations [why £1 a click, if you are asking for £2? Does it take 2 clicks then? Durrrrrgh!], Ana & I read this & the 2nd paragraph revived strong memories of last summer here. I would rant & rant over exactly the same thing! And say:"It's the 3rd World. Would this happen in Ingerland?". Now, I have the answer. It's really depressing. Only in our case, through much of July & August, we'd be running around in temperatures of 40+ÂșC.
"Stolen" kisses & hugs? No fear! You gently take everything you need! I'm sure that grey gloomy sky gives you no help at all.
With you all the way, with love.

Sylvia said...

I missed you. I hope that Mick feels better. {{{{HUGS TO BOTH OF YOUR}}}}.

Jenny said...

Will come back later to say more, just a quick one to say my thoughts are with you - it's grey here too!

Gledwood said...

And that is an AMAZING picture. How come you always manage to take such beautiful photos???