Tuesday, April 03, 2007


My parents always told me that when I was eating a meal that I should eat what I don't like first and leave what I do like to the end. I still to an extent do that to this day...though there aren't many foods that I can honestly say I DON'T like. I'm telling you this because that's what I'm doing today with this post....I'm telling you the bits I don't like first.

Mick is still not eating or drinking properly. He managed a little porridge but besides that just wasn't interested at all. If I try to get him to drink he seems to clench his teeth...he just doesn't want it. I was really worried about his complete lack of liquid intake so I phoned the McMillan Hospice in Bury St Edmunds. I don't want Mick to suffer because of his dehydration. The lady I spoke to was very nice and explained that in some ways it is kinder not to try to make Mick drink as this will make him more sleepy; and when he sleeps he is at peace. This did may sense to me although I saw it as the harbinger of doom. I know that if Mick was feeling hungry or thirsty that he would TRY to eat and drink. I guess the stage has come when he no longer feels the need. I won't say any more about it...what is there to say?


On to more cheerful things...we had a lovely trip over to the school Manda works at; she had some items to collect and asked the headmistress if we could go and see the schools vegetable patch, pond and wildlife area.While we waited in our garden for Manda, Chris and Nicole to arrive I made sure Mick had a good view of his Camellia...there are only a few flowers out at the moment but at least 30 more in bud.There are a few more photos of the vegetable patch on M.M.L.M.G.; this one is of the cut flower garden the sweet peas are already in and there are some Chrysanthemums shooting through to.

The pond and wildlife area is in need of a revamp.....under different circumstances I know Mick and I would get it "sorted"!

When we returned home the weather was still so lovely, bright sunshine and an almost warm breeze. We stayed outside until well into the afternoon, me pottering about and Mick dozing and intermittently peeking at me. It was a lovely day; one for the memory book.

Now for the really EGG-citing stuff;..........................Claire had the EGG-cellent idea of doing a Blog Easter Egg Hunt to try and raise awareness and hopefully some money for the Clatteridge Cancer Campaign. We passed the idea by Talj who was EGGs-tremely EGG-cited and so Claire and I have gone ahead and YOU can all be part of it!!!! Up until this moment even Talj doesn't know what we've actually done! So get that clicking finger of yours ready, aim your cursor at the cute little bunny and join in with all the fun of


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talj said...

My Dear Ruth,

First of all the important stuff {{{HUGE HUGS}}} for you and Mick! So sorry to read your latest news on Mick, you know that both Andrew and myself are thinking of you all and you only have to shout :o)

Looks like you all had a nice day, the weather really has been beautiful the past few days!!!

Now on to the EGGciting Easter Egg Hunt!! You girls have done a fantastic job and I cant believe how much effort you have put in and how great the blog looks! I am so grateful for all your hardwork! You are both Stars!!!

Next time we meet up the drinks are on me ;o) Claire... you better get over here too so you can get your free drink! ;o)

{{{MORE HUGE HUGS}}} xxxx

CG said...

Hugs from me too, Ruth.

What a great idea the egg hunt is! Hope you raise lots of money doing it!!

Jenny said...

Ruth, I can't wait to get started on the egg hunt. I'll be thinking of you and Mick today.

Audrey said...

No words Ruth, just big(((HUGS))) for you and Mick

The tour round the gardens was lovely, like the wildlife area at the school and so pleased you had such a lovely day

Fantastic ideas for the easter blog. Well done to you and Claire, really put me in the mood, for chocolate, cake, bunnies and chicks.

Thinking of you

Icarus said...

With hugs, hugs, hugs....& more hugs.


Mauigirl said...

Ruth, am just catching up with you...so sorry to hear that Mick is refusing to eat and drink. I know how hard that is for you. I'm sending you hugs from "across the pond."

Glad you're still getting Mick out into the nice weather as I'm sure he is enjoying it.

Hope you raise lots of money on the Egg hunt!

mrsnesbitt said...

Ruth, thinking of you today and sending hugs.