Monday, April 23, 2007


Something that I'd forgotten to mention previously was about the Tena Incontinence pads that Mick used. In the garage and upstairs in the garage I had about 6 HUGE boxes left...all boxed up and not unwrapped or anything. When Lynn phoned the delivery company to cancel the order she asked if they could pick up all the unused, unopened packets. It seems it's not financially viable for the company to collect them and said to just dump them! I couldn't believe it...when I think back to the fight I had to get Mick placed on the incontinence register....there must be other people out there who would love to have them. What a waste!!! I couldn't bring myself to just dump them so we've trying to find a home or charity who may be able to make use of them. The Red Cross across the road from us said they couldn't take them and it was starting to look as though dumped they would be. Luckily Lynn's mum-in-law has found someone who wants them so Lynn loaded them into her car yesterday and took them with her. It's surprising how much more space I have in the garage and house now.

I was up until 3am last night/Sunday morning scanning photos to make up a slide show of Mick photos for my computer...we want to have that running when we get back to the house on Wednesday. There are a lot of fun memories in those photos! I had company though,(ARACHNOPHOBICS TURN AWAY NOW!) this little fellow stayed with me the whole time!

It may have been a late night but this morning when I felt the sun shining through the bedroom window I was up like the proverbial lark and out into the garden by 7am. Feeling a bit tired tonight but in a nice way...afraid I won't be doing a blogaround bed is calling!
I had a grand potter; chatted to Mick endlessly, listened to the Radio Kent gardening programme, mulled over a few things I want to sort out, talked over a few ideas. I really want to print out in a commemorative blog the comments and emails that I've received. There's no problems with publishing the comments..they are open to public view anyway in my comment box but the booklet that Denise made and the emails I want to ask the writers permission...I may need to leave out some of their own personal stuff that they've confided to me. It's a project in hand....well actually some of it I've made a start on...I just need to contact a few people first before I make it public.

Back to between pottering I had plenty of old sun lounger came out of the garage, the cushion was thrown away a long time ago but I folded an old double duvet and it's more comfortable than it was before...................

in fact it was so comfortable that part way through reading this.....I fell asleep!!!!!.......Mick was always the afternoon dozer not me!!!.......

Mauigirl remarked in my comment box yesterday that she feels closer to her father now than she did during the last year of his life when he was not himself anymore; I can relate to that. Today I have felt REALLY close to Mick...the Real Mick....not the Ill's been a good day with no distractions...I just did what "I" wanted to do.
It was funny because when I finally came back indoors I put the radio on again; what should be playing but another of Mick's "make up your own words" songs. I'm not sure if I've had occasion to tell you about this one before. I know I've mentioned "I believe in miracles, where's your bra you sexy thing" and "The only way is up, BATSUMA!"....this was one I hadn't thought about for a while...........

  • Actual Lyrics: No I can't forget this evening or your face as you were leaving
  • Mick Lyrics: Oh I can't forget that ceiling that I painted in Darjeeling

It certainly was a fitting end to my gardening day.

This evening, Jo, who is taking Mick's service phoned and emailed over the Tribute that she has written. She has done so well; she really listened to everything that Manda and I had told her. I only had to ask her to change a couple of words. It must be so hard to encapsulate someones whole life in just a few paragraphs but she has done really well.

Just realised it's well past midnight which means all those today's I've mentioned were now actually yesterday (Sunday) also means it's St George's flying the flag!

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CG said...

You certainly had a full day :) It must have been lovely to fall asleep in the garden in the sunshine!!

It sounds as if that quote from Mitch Albom about "Memory. Memory becomes your partner. You nurture it. You hold it. You dance with it. Life has to end. Love doesn’t.” which I sent you" was true for you yesterday as you shared your gardening with Mick.

I hope today goes ok for you xxxx

Audrey said...

Glad you enjoyed your ME time Ruth, a snooze in the sunshine sounded lovely, you must have needed it.

Well done for finding someone who could use the pads, it would have been such a waste, some would have just disposed of them, and given you had to struggle to get them its very thoughtful of you to make the time and effort.

Have to smile at Micks creativity with lyrics for songs, always makes me smile

Hope all goes well today

Thinking of youxxx Auds

BIG!!! spider that one :)

Icarus said...

Beaut morning to you my Dear!
First, the Tena situation. Do you remember me telling you of the joy of the woman at the charity help org. when we turned up with our left-over colection of the same, 2 months ago? Now, you & we all know that there is never going to be any shortage of demand for them, seeing as how expensive they are to buy, etc. So I just can't believe the response you initially met with. It is not just sad, it is shameful! What do they think, that they're USED? Second-hand? (Or second-bum, if you'll excuse me, LOL). Of course you would find a taker eventually!
But moving on to your day (Boris aside, who doesn't hurt anyone!), WELL DONE!!!! MMMWAH to you! That's the way! It's no surprise that you felt closer to the real/well Mick. He's the one who's with you & he'll give you support & for├ža when you're alone.
As for my authorisation, don't ask. I always give it, for any daft thing I've written or shot. It's an honour, not a free market opp! I trust you entirely.
Smile, go forward. It will be alright, no matter how difficult.

talj said...

Love and {{{BIG HUGGLES}}} to you and the girls Ruth xxxxx

A wildlife gardener said...

I'm so very glad you had some ME time. You richly deserve it, Ruth. I will keep you and your family in my prayers this week, if I may.