Sunday, April 29, 2007


I don't know if it's the effect of having "proper" photographers around with "massive, complicated" cameras or whether it's just that I'm having such a great time but I've hardly taken any photos! This will probably please the family as they know that as soon as they see me with camera in hand that I'm having a "Blog Moment" and try to make sure they are doing nothing embarrassing!!!! I did manage a snap of Leanne trying on Talj's "boot"...she says it's really heavy and difficult to balance in!
This one is last night after dinner (and a few wines)......(OK AND a few brandy and cokes!!!), as we adjourned to the garden. Dinner went down well; I was really pleased that Talj managed to eat as much as she did. Her appetite has been quite poor...very worrying. I think the Suffolk air must be helping though as it was she who instigated the serving of Apple Pie for dessert!
This morning after a spin in Andi's FAB car; roof open, wind in my hair; smile on my face...... I cooked an English Brunch; Talj ate egg, bacon, beans, sausage, fried bread and toast! Andi (mushrooms as well on his) seemed happy too as I cleared away their two totally empty plates; he reckons it's the best B&B in town!.....LOL

Andi had to go home for the week but has promised to return on Friday; he left Talj and I with a gift; a box of chocolates each...


Speaking of gifts.......look what I've been given by Talj.........................let me introduce


David Bailey watch out!!! more shaky hand problems for me!!!!

I also received something else VERY, VERY SPECIAL but I won't say any more about it yet. Lynn knows but I want to also tell Manda and Leanne in's something really "spec" to me.

Talj has done really well getting up and downstairs to the bathroom......never a complaint although I know how difficult it must be for her. I've allowed her temporary possession of Mick's chair for the duration of her visit....would you believe she's now just eaten Jam Roly Poly and cream!!!

I hope you are still all checking out the Online Print Shop and the Online Auction Site

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Shaz said...

Talj looks like the rolly polly is sending her off to sleep. These are fabulous pics & just show how much you both needed a rest from every day life. I can see friends for life here. Wish I was with you both, enjoy x x x x

CG said...

Sounds like a very special day xxx

Sheila said...

Shaz is right..I see friends for life too..!
I'm so happy you are having such a great time together..!

lilymarlene said...

There is something special about friends that just settle in and relax. It means you can relax too!
Have a good time both of you.

A wildlife gardener said...

I'm so glad you are still being 'hedged around' with so much love

Icarus said...

So, a very successful weekend. Good for you!
Jessie (WHY Jessie???)looks the BIZNESS!! What sophistication! Does your camera fit on it?
Full moons near Ruth's will never be the same!
Love, kisses

Icarus said...

PS. Joana gave her full authorisation, so a special post for you will be coming on T & a W soon. That has to get you back! SXXX

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Good for you having so much fun Ruth!

Audrey said...

Hmmm Rolly polly delicious, delighted your having a great time together, I think you will enjoy using the tripod Ruth and that spin in the car sounded like fun.


Pat said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time together. Enjoy the week!


picperfic said...

I think that being with you is just the tonic that Tal for yourself is no fun and it sounds like there is some delicious food on offer too!

Allotment Lady said...

Brilliant to hear that you are all having a great time

lilymarlene said...

4 inches tall....that's amazing! It looks much bigger in the photo....that ornament must be really weeny!