Monday, April 23, 2007


It's been a long, long time since I've done this;but this morning I treated myself to a cuppa in bed. Wednesday is looming too quickly now; what seemed like an age away is almost here. I'm having a bit of a mental block about days of the week. An example; On Tuesday Mirry and Fran arrive (they are booked into a B&B); On Tuesday Lynn and Steve come, staying here Tuesday and Wednesday night; Tuesday is my last chance to make sure everything is ready for my mind these three Tuesdays had been like separate days................this afternoon it suddenly hit me that not only are these three Tuesdays the SAME DAY....but also it is TOMORROW!!!........Wednesday is too close for comfort...................I won't think about it yet......I'll get back to today.
Leanne came over this morning with Melissa (a sneaky day off school). Chris stayed with Mel while Leanne and I went to see Mick. It was the first time we had seen him in his suit and in his casket. He looked so handsome but somehow I preferred it when he was on a trolley. It was more like he was just laying on a bed.......seeing him in the casket really hurt...oh how it hurt.....
Leanne and I both left the items that we were leaving with Mick for him to take with him on Wednesday. They were personal letters and photographs and of course these; Mick loved growing vegetables; we dreamt of a garden large enough for him to have a huge vegetable patch. His favourite veg were runner beans; highly productive in a small area...I couldn't let him go without any seed.
We were back home by 2.30 and Chris as well as acting as child sitter had washed up, emptied the bins AND vacuumed (Hurrah for Chris!).........he also answered the door to.......the DOCTOR! Chris said he had difficulty understanding him but gathered he had popped by to see if I needed bereavement counselling and asked when the funeral was. I must admit I was peeved to think that he would turn up with no pre-phone call....not knowing when the funeral was he could have arrived at a very inappropriate time!
Tracey, our hairdresser, has just left. Manda had a trim too......oh! I should have taken a photo....Manda NEVER has her hair cut and is inclined to usually chop cut it herself. I'm glad she was here; it seemed strange having Tracey here and Mick not having his hair cut too.
I've received a few more lovely emails from some of my blogfriends who due to the Easter Holidays had not visited until now and didn't know of Mick's passing. I also received a lovely card from a family who we don't know particularly was a beautiful handcrafted one...I didn't even know the wife made them. I was so moved by the card....especially as even our immediate next door neighbour has sent no word or card of condolence...yet Mick had known him for 20 years.
There was also a knock on the door this afternoon. I opened it and an elderly gentleman in obvious poor health was standing there. He had read Mick's Obituary Notice in the local newspaper and had come to pay his respects and bring a card. It seems he worked with Mick as a painter and decorator years and years ago!!! It was lovely to hear his praise for Mick and his admiration for him both as a man and as a fellow workmate. He asked when the funeral was and he intends to come. He is unable to drive himself due to his own disabilities so I'm going to make sure there is a space for him in one of the cars.
Well that's all for now. Also in the post has been more paperwork for me to do but I think it will have to wait until after Wednesday. The next few days are going to be busy and fraught. I really hope I get time to do my's like a diary to me......I definitely won't have time to do a lot of blog commenting.....though I shall be on the "lurk" late at night!
I saw this quote some time ago, I don't know who wrote IT; but I think it's very apt....
“A blog is an ideal way of doing a brain dump on a daily basis of what is going on right now, the weird, the exciting and the awful things ... I also wanted to have a record for myself, just for posterity.”

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Gledwood said...

Ruth if I'm not in touch again before: big huggs for Wednesday. Not a gt deal else to say now: but you will be in mine and a lot of people's thoughts. And I'm glad your family is & will be around you.:.. You're not alone through this!

talj said...

My Dear Ruth {{{BIG CUDDLES}}} to you for getting through today. You are a remarkable woman and I am so proud to have you as a dear friend. Your love and support to me is more help then you could know, especially knowing all too closely some of what you are going through.

How nice to read about the gentleman who came to pay his respects, so lovely and I am pleased he will be able to attend the funeral.

Thinking of you all and sending you lots of love and {{{BIG HUGS}}} xxxx

Steve M said...

Hi Ruthy, I have room in my car to gladly take dad's old work friend. See you tomorrow, for real {{[[]]}} (is that what hugs look like in blog world ??) xx

RUTH said...

Thanks Gleds; sorry I've not had time to comment on your blog lately
Talj; stop making me know I can't handle the "nice"
Stevie; as long as I get a real hug I don't mind how you write it!

Elsie said...


You are in my thoughts in this time.
Love and hugs


CG said...

Oh Ruth, somehow the sight and thought of those runner beans going with Mick have touched me to the heart. I hope you get through your busy Tuesday and I'll be thinking of you all the time {{HUGS}}

Audrey said...

I can only repeat what Talj has written Ruth, you truly are a remarkable woman.

The visit from the elderly gentleman who worked alongside Mick sounded as if it brought some comfort to your day.

Your in my thoughts, sent with {{{HUGS}}} and lots of love to you all xxx

mrsnesbitt said...

Ruth, dear........please just e-mail over to me, any comments, e-mails, etc etc and I will catalogue and preserve in some just concentrate on Mick & Wednesday.

Sending you lots of love, Denisexxxxxxxx