Sunday, April 15, 2007


I must apologise if after this post you find a lot of "mini posts" on my blog. As this blog is my own diary of events I want to post things as they happen, before I forget and while I've the emotion of the moment in me. I know I could just keep adding my thoughts in draft mode but that would end up as one big disjointed post......I'd rather keep each thought, moment or event separate, plus at the moment typing up too long a post makes me so emotional. Please don't feel you've got to comment on them all!!! I know you're out there.

Because I posted the about the Grand National yesterday there are a few things I've got to get down before I forget that I haven't posted them. Even some of what I'm about to say now may be a repeat of something I've posted before but I want to make sure I catch up with everything I've been meaning to here goes............

Tomorrow the lady who will be taking Mick's service is coming by for a chat. Manda will be here and I have talked to Leanne and Lynn about the sort of things we would like her to say....we are all in agreement that Mick's natural happy nature is the main thing we want accentuated.

When Mick first came out of hospital and had that few weeks of functioning normally....he told us that he wanted NO flowers.....he has always been upset at funerals with flowers; the flowers die so quickly. Instead we are asking that family and friends donate to the RoseMcGill Fund...I had thought of starting a fund in Mick's name but the Clatterbidge Cancer Campaign and Rose's Fund have been so much part of our lives since I blogmet Talj that it seemed the right thing to do.....even the fact that Rose is the name of a flower seems to make it more special and I truly believe that yesterdays winnings on the Grand National show me that Mick is in agreement. We shall, of course, be placing a few momentos with Mick.....I must make sure he has a fresh packet of Runner Bean seeds (his favourite vegetable to grow) and I know the girls and grandchildren have their own special items they want him to have. I know at some point I will buy a special plant for Mick to grow in our garden; but really my keeping the garden going and looking beautiful will be my own memorial to him.

The service will not be a religious service but there will be mention of God; not because of our beliefs but because some of the things we especially want read out contain the word......

Lynn will be reading the poem that Analia wrote.

Leanne will be reading a poem Libby printed on her blog.

Kirsty wants to read the poem she wrote for her Grandad...she's only 12 and it's such a brave and wonderful thing to want to do.

Manda has written something she wants to read; I've read it and it is so moving and a fitting tribute to Mick and the wonderful Dad he has been to her.

Chris also wants to say a few words; I'm not sure what's a work in progress.

I haven't mentioned it before because I didn't want Denise to feel pressured if she couldn't do it...but last weekend she phoned me and asked if I would like her to make up some Memorial Cards to give to everyone after the funeral. It is such a lovely idea and I told her what I would like put on it and she has now sent me one to make sure I am happy with it. It is lovely...I'll post a photo of it after the 25th. She has refused to accept any payment...she says it is a labour of still astounds me how wonderful all of my blogfriends are....{{{HUGS}}}

Two more things before I stop for now....the emotions are really building up.........

Mick also said when he came out of hospital that he didn't want everyone dressed in black or sombre colours...he said he'd like to think of his family and friends as a sea of colour, just like a garden of flowers.

The other thing he did during those early days was order some garden plaques......I'd almost forgotten about them...they have been tucked away in the bottom of the wardrobe for so long now. As the girls and I were all together on Thursday evening I gave them each one I have placed in our garden.....the moon and stars are luminous at night .....we shall all treasure them....they are the last items that Mick actually bought himself. with love from Mick
Well the sun's shining so guess where I'm going...................

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CG said...

Oh Ruth, those plaques are so beautiful and what a wonderful reminder of Mick. The more I read about Mick, the more sad I feel I didn't meet him as he sounds so great.

I'm sure the service you have all planned will be a fitting tribute to him.

HUGS J xxx

talj said...

What a beautiful service you have planned Ruth and what a brave little girl Kirsty is {{{HUGS}}} to you all.

The plaques are such a wonderful treasure for you and the girls, it's lovely to see that you too are experience the feeling that the one you love is letting you know he's still with you. I know the things that happened around me that seemed to simple, but that I knew had to be Damian were/are such a comfort to me.

Enjoy the sunshine today Ruth Love and {{{HUGS}}} xxx

Audrey said...

I can only repeat whats already been said Ruth, so many lovely tributes and Kirsty.....what a wonderful,brave girlxx

The plaques are beautiful, treasured possessions with lovely memories..

Enjoy your time in the sunshine and garden.

Thinking of you allxxxxxxxxxAuds

Dirty Butter said...

It makes it so much easier when people have said what they want their own funeral to be like. It's not an easy topic for discussion, but it sure makes the funeral planning easier on the survivor. I'm glad Mick was able to talk to you about such things.