Saturday, April 14, 2007


A hug from Ruth

I bottled up a bunch of hugs
To send them off to you,
Friendship hugs, hugs of love,
Even bear hugs too!
It's filled with the most special hugs,
Only the very best would do!

I hope that you'll remember this
Whenever you feel blue,
Because these special, bottled hugs
Should last the whole year through!

Just open up the bottle and take out a hug - anytime you need it!!

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Lynn and Steve said...

Hi mummy

Steve and I are sending you extra big hugs back.. What a lovely bottle - will keep it close to me at all times...

Love you heaps

CG said...

I feel VERY lucky to get a hug from Ruth!!

{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} back!!


Gledwood said...

Much healthier than knocking back the Scotch as well!!

talj said...

ooooh hugs! my favourite past time!!!! :o)

Sending you the biggest {{{HUGS}}} and lots of love today and always Ruth....just went...2 weeks and they'll be real ones! :o)

Gledwood said...

I am trying to send a bottle of my own hugs back. Now I'm getting paranoid: I can't find my Worcester Sauce bottle.

Hope I didn't send that one by accident!!!>>?!!

Sylvia said...

I was able to click on the bottle which opened it in a separate window and did a save as. Now I have the bottle of hugs on my computer so I can take one whenI need it. {{{Hugs to you}}} today and always.

Jenny said...

Reading you every day, sometimes twice a's wonderful to see you surrounded by family and friends, all helping you (you all helping each other) through this's all any of us can hope for, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!


Allotment Lady said...

I will dear Ruth just so long as you each hug I take out is shared with