Friday, April 27, 2007


I always like to be fair; I had a fair few moans lately and it's time I started dishing out some praise. It's been a difficult time lately and some people haven't made matters any easier for me but some have helped to make the bad times better.

First there are all of you who help me so much with your comments and emails. I was so glad that Jo heeded my words and mentioned you in the "Welcome" on Wednesday.....(see below)

Welcome and Opening Words
On behalf of Ruth and her family, I thank you for being here today for this ceremony to celebrate the life of her beloved husband, Michael Jenner, better known to you all as Mick. The family are very grateful to you all for being here to support them and they also remember those friends and family who would have liked to join us, but are not able to be here, particularly all the people on Ruth's blog who have supported her and Mick over the last months.

Then there is Jo herself. She is so friendly and immediately puts one at ease even during the most difficult of situations. In the few emails that we have exchanged she has always been so caring and considerate. What a fabulous lady. What a wonderful service. Nicole was so taken by her and the way she conducted herself that after the funeral she went and spoke to her; asking her about her "job" and expressing a desire to do the same herself when she is older. Jo's email response: I had a lovely chat with Nicole. When she gets to the point of making decisions about her life, if she is still interested in the work I do, I would seriously be more than happy to talk to her. As I said to her on Wednesday, she is unlikely to find much career guidance on this job!!
How lovely and very unusual to find such a young person interested in, or even aware of, such a job.

Jo had promised me the full transcript of the service and incredibly ( I think she must have influence over the Royal Mail!) it arrived in my mail on Thursday!! Even the bill was in a sealed envelope marked "When you are ready" a lovely touch. I've typed up Mick's Tribute from the service and posted it on my WORDS FOR MICK blog for anyone who would like to read it. Just click HERE.

My next words of praise go to the Co-op Funeral Directors in Sudbury. From the moment they came to "collect" Mick to the moment they left us after the journey home from his funeral....every member of staff has been kind, courteous and empathetic. Do you remember my post about when I received a phone call from the Funeral Directors who were worried about how to get Mick's shirt on him as his arms were so clenched.....and the lady who phoned said "We don't want to hurt him"........


Now to my day.......I had an appointment at the opticians this morning. It was my first journey alone. It was horrible....I sat right at the back of the bus, as far away from the wheelchair friendly area as possible....too many memories there. It has been a few years since I went to the prescription glasses broke about 14 months ago and I've been making do with off the shelf magnifying glasses. Well no wonder I've had difficulty seeing properly. It seems not only do I have some scarring on my right eye (I don't know how) but also my eye strength has changed considerably. I hadn't realised how poor the sight in my right eye had become until the optician asked me to read the top line of their chart with just one eye. It was just one big blur!!!

I also went to Argos and bought a new wardrobe and shelf of those flat pack canvas ones. Because so much of the downstairs furniture and knick knacks had to go upstairs over the last couple of years, and I still needed room for beds for visitors, I had dismantled our 2 large wardrobes. I now need something to put my clothes in..they have been living in plastic crates! The box was so large I had to phone for a way would I get this on a bus!The cab driver lives near us and asked me how Mick was doing...I had to tell him...I expect that will happen a lot..................
The box had these "words of dread" written on them.........can you imagine trying to repack something .....................

that has TEN pages of instructions!!!!!........................but they were very easy to least that's what the manufacturer's reckon!It's all done now though...just got to put the clothes in them now!!!

Now I mustn't stay up too late tonight...tomorrow is a special "SPEC" blogfriend Talj is coming to stay. She is travelling to Norfolk and then "SPEC" Andi is bringing her the rest of the way. Andi is staying tomorrow night too; and Leanne is coming over to meet them both. She missed out last time and is really looking forward to it. It's going to be FUN!!!!

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talj said...

What a lovely post Ruth!! Can't stay...I must get to bed! Busy day tomorrow!!! Loads of love and {{{BIG HUGS}}} SEE YOU VERY SOON! :o)

Gledwood said...
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Gledwood said...

Well done with that wardrobe!! When I was with Nutnut she/we ordered one from a catalogue. It arrived, specifying she needed a toolset ... in the end this carpenter friend of hers from down the road put it together in about half an hour ... Have you had special training or something? Or are Nutnut and I just thick??

Claire said...

That was lovely that she listened to what you wanted and i am so glad you had a nice lady saying those words.

I went to a funeral once and the vicar kept getting the names wrong, in the end somebody said rather loudly get the effing names right will you!seems funny now, but at the time it wasn't.

I love that the funeral directors were so caring.

So whats happening with the eyes then?

Naugty you, lugging that wardrobe around, but how cool that you managed to construct it!

How an excellent time with the spec lot!

Shaz said...

Have a fab time with fab friends Ruth x x x

Lynnie said...

Hi mummy

Well first of all congratulations on constructing the impossible even with the instructions - Stevie and I are very impressed... Don't know why really because if anybody could it would be you!!
Have a wonderful time with Talj and Andy and spend lots of time chatting and lauging... Give my love to them.
Speak later
Love you heaps

Sheila said...

Jo sounds like a SPEC person Ruth, someone who has found her true vocation. Well done on assembling the unit, always a challenge in this house...LOL
Most of all enjoy your weekend with Talj...and give each other a big hug from me..

Gledwood said...

Have a look at this blog if you want to be amused:

Icarus said...

Been trying for ages to post comment. Impossible. Last attempt, so it's the edited highlights on Joke-Instructions....They are having a laugh in China!!!!
So congrats! Hope your enjoying yourselves. I managed to post thoughts on the tribute to Mick.
Big ones,

Mauigirl said...

Ruth, I'm glad Jo did such a wonderful job on the service and tribute. It is so important to have the right person, isn't it? We were lucky enough to have our old minister (who had retired) give the tribute/eulogy for my dad, whom he'd known for years, and he really got my father's personality into the eulogy, just as Jo has done for Mick. It's wonderful so many family members participated as well.

Congratulations on putting together the wardrobe!

Allotment Lady said...

Well done you. Have a lovely weekend with you friends and family.

I would wave to them all as they pass through Norfolk - but I might be on my way passing through Suffolk!


Mousie said...

good work ...good goodie girls...
have a nice week-end dear, enjoy yourself...

CG said...

What a beautiful post; hope you all have a wonderful week!!!