Monday, April 16, 2007


Jo, the lady who is presiding over Mick's service was lovely. The first thing she asked was whether we had any photos of Mick; I think it was lovely that she wanted to be able to picture Mick when we were talking about him. The photos we showed her really showed the sort of fun loving, family man Mick was. There was a lot of ooohing and ahhhing when she saw some of Mick with the grandchildren especially the one of him with Melissa at only 4 hours old! And we proved Mick's sporting abilities with the photo of him doing a headstand.....
She really laughed at this shot of Mick playing Pictionary; it reminded us of the time Mick was trying to draw a coconut........let's just say that it rather resembled a ladies private parts!!!!!
She stayed for a full two hours; we chatted about the actual service itself; the readings and the music and other details. Some of the grandchildren will light a candle as the service starts and as a single photo of Mick would not do him justice we are going to make up a collage to stand at the front of the chapel. Although Manda and I shed a few tears as we talked we were mainly laughing, with Jo joining in, as we described Mick and some of his antics....and I told her all about my blogfriends and how wonderful you all are. I'm pretty sure Jo will do Mick proud. She will phone me on Friday and read to me what she will say herself; just in case I want any adjustments made. I had one nice surprise...the plugs of geraniums I'd ordered online turned seems to be the way at the moment that when something "difficult" has happened, something nice follows......(I whispered a quiet Thank You to Mick).
This afternoon has been an endless stream of phone hanging on and filling in forms. It's got to the stage that I've had to bring the kitchen table into the living room so that I can keep the paperwork in order. I have to do piles, done piles, to mail piles, to phone piles, to email piles etc etc. Any one fancy a job as a secretary? The pay is lousy but the food is good!!!!!
Every now and then I gazed longingly at the sun in the garden......but these jobs have to be done sometime...and as I've still lots left to do.... I'm glad at least I've made a start!
Leanne was back at work today as the children are all back at school. She didn't feel up to facing customers so her boss at Argos let her work in the stock room all day. She said everyone at work has been very kind. Sadly the local "yobos" around her way are not so nice and during one of their "stone fights" two of her windows were smashed. She could have done without that! She has "sorted" her hours so that she can pop over tomorrow while the children are at school; Ron and Brenda are coming for a couple of hours too....I suddenly realised about an hour ago that I'd not even thought what to give them for lunch. I quickly threw together a cheesecake, a can of tinned cherries over it and it'll do as a dessert. I think the savoury may have to be good old fashioned Bread and Cheese...a bit of chutney on the plate and I can call it a Ploughman's Lunch!!!
I did have a quick 10 minutes in the garden as the sun was going down......and now I must download some more forms which I have to fill'll save me waiting for them to be posted to me. I must also run off a few Donation Forms for the Clatterbridge Campaign; I promised Ron I'd give him some tomorrow...............................then I must get myself some beauty sleep...being another year older tomorrow I think I need it!!!!!...............LOL

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Shaz said...

It sounds like you've had a long day, I'm sure Mick's service will do him proud. I hope your birthday is peaceful, best wishes from Us Danes x x x

talj said...

Oh my Ruth, I'm sorry to have to tell you this but...It appears you have piles LOL :o) Am sure we could all chip in and get you some cream for your 'problem' ;o)

In all seriousness, I wish I was there as I would help as much as I could! Anything at all that you can leave till my visit please do so! Andrew will tell you I enjoy the 'organinsing and sorting' of things!

It is lovely to hear Jo is such a nice lady and the pictures of Mick really made me smile. From what you have shared with us in recent months we have got to know Mick and I am so pleased that Jo took the time to get to know him too.

Thinking of you always,much love and {{{BIG CUDDLES}}}

Audrey said...

Again some lovely pictures of Mick Ruth, that show how special he is and always will be, the warmth and humour, the sportsman....

Im glad it went well with Jo this morning, and Im sure you will all do Mick proud, so much love surrounding you all

Hope you get a good rest tonight and sleep well

Lots of love and {{{{HUGS}}}}} AUDS

Claire said...

I really glad that today went well, i knew you would be able to convey what Mick was like, you have been doing such a wonderful job of that already.

I am good at shredding, thats about it!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday, one day early! I'm glad you keep posting photos and telling stories of the real Mick - and really glad that Jo is so understanding. So many family funerals I've been to had a leader that really didn't know the person and didn't seem to have made much effort. (The best eulogies are always given by relatives, anyway!) That story of the wedding last year brought tears to my eyes. So glad you found the suit, just when you needed to - he sure looked handsome in it!

Sheila said...

The service will be a celebration of Mick's life. The collage of photos is a great idea, and will bring happy memories into the sad proceedings..
Since I will be in bed when you awake tomorrow...HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH...!!!
love and hugs

Mauigirl said...

Ruth, am just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you. It sounds as if Mick's service is going to be just perfect, especially with the special poems that will be read. Also the collage idea is a wonderful tribute to his life. We did that for my father's funeral as well; I wanted people to remember him as he was. We picked pictures from various times in his life, showing him with different people who were important to him.

I also want to send my best wishes for your birthday, I didn't realize it was coming up. Will be thinking of you and your family.

CG said...

It sounds as if Mick will have a service worthy of him!!
Wish i could help with your secretarial stuff - there is so much to do, I know.

Akelamalu said...

Such lovely pictures conveying happy memories.