Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mick was asleep most of yesterday; he opened his eyes a few times but to be honest I don't think he was actually seeing anything. There was certainly no response in his eyes. He has passed urine; very dark coloured...this I know is to be expected. He is still reacting to touch and pain. I gave him a shave this morning and then popped out into the garden it was quite chilly and when I came back inside and touched him he flinched at my cold hands....I DID apologise to him! Manda and I changed his dressing on his elbow in the evening; it really looks sore and he winced as we did it. I asked him quite regularly if he wanted anything to eat or drink a couple of times he licked his lips but as soon as I put the drink to his lips he turned his head away. As he isn't eating or drinking the mucus in his throat isn't bothering him as much. Just the odd phlegmy cough now and again. I think I may have forgotten to say that the Hospice Nurse said on Tuesday that they would phone me on Wednesday to sort out trying a suction machine to remove the mucus....nobody phoned.

I've been keeping busy drafting entries for the Easter Bunnies Egg it WAS so chilly in the morning I didn't take Mick actually turned out quite warm and sunny in the afternoon but by then the sun was moving off of the area that I could sit Mick in and I didn't want to sit him in the shade where it still felt quite cold.
I'm publishing this post in the early hours of Thursday morning before I go to bed.......if there is any change I'll do an update later. I wanted to put a picture on my post and decided on this one which was taken in February 2006....almost 14 months ago. I didn't have a digital camera then...this was taken with my mobile phone...not the greatest quality but a treasured memory.

Before I hit that publish button........I'd like to say once again a HUGE Thank You to all of you who are taking part in the Egg Hunt.....and for all your donations and pledges.

Força!.........(the urging to courage & strength) new mantra.....(thanks Sx)


7A.M. The sun is shining; Mick has roused a few times after a peaceful night's sleep. We may try and get out later and feel the sunshine on our faces and the wind in our hair.

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Analía said...

Querida amiga, ForÇa! what a wonderful word. Fuerza! here in Uruguay. I'm sorry Mick doesn't want to eat or drink and even more sorry because you didn't get that phone call. I hope all this changes as soon as you open your eyes (tomorrow for me, later today for you)
I loved the picture of the kids and Mick!!
I apologize for not coming so often, but I still have to deal with some situation here, you know.
Hugs for you and Mick, and of course for Manda and the rest of the family.
Love, Ani

Anonymous said...

hi mum, always loved that picture, cant believe it was 14 months ago, feels like yesterday. have a lovely day in the garden and big hugs to you both. love you. leanne xxx

Audrey said...

Treasured memories Ruth have a quality all of their own, beautiful picture.

Hope you manage to get out and feel that sunshine on your face and wind in your hair.x

Forca and Fuerza for you todayxxx

talj said...

What a lovely photo! I can see why you love it so much! :o)

I hope you and Mick have a lovely day today and glad to hear it's sunny for you :o)

Thinking of you both, as always, and sending many {{{Warm Fuzzy Hugs}}} and lots of love your way xxxx

CG said...

Thinking of you both lots and hoping you get out into the sunshine. That's a lovely photo :0
Lots of love xxx

Icarus said...

From how it looks on Sky News today, you're having a much better day with more to come. 20ºc????? Bet you're in the garden right this minute! What a sweet photo that is, really.
I've lost track completely with clues 3 & 4 (but this is only Day 3!). All the yelling Força hasn't changed it. But an excellent mantra, if I may say so. Can't explain the pyscho-linguistics, but Portuguese Força just sounds better than the Spanish Fuerza (Sorry, Ani!)or the Italian Forza. Has more sweet push in it, somehow. And for the warm sunshine, Carpe Diem (Seize the day!)! With big love,

mrsnesbitt said...

Reading this today so obvious how deep is the love you have for Mick. We have been married for 19years, 20 next year. So many people around us are going through marriage break ups. Jon & I are so well matched, just the simple things in life, & each other. Must priorotise and make sure he knows how mucg I love him. Sometimes we get so involved with stuff we forget what matters.
Thankyou so much Ruth, what a caring lady you are.


Jenny said...

Hugs to you, Ruth - what a lovely picture. I don't really know who all the people are in your family who you write about - who is who - it would be nice to read your family tree!

Anonymous said...

it's 5 pm here, where are you? I hope everything is ok.
Love ya

Claire said...

and all that bollocks!