Monday, April 02, 2007


Mick really has given up on the idea of food and drink at the moment...I'm hoping it's only temporary...only time will tell. I've taken a "wait and see" pill and am trying hard not to worry. It's difficult though because although in a healthy person a couple of days of little or no nutrient could be "bounced back" from, Mick has been dehydrated and his appetite has lessened for quite a while now. Despite all this Mick, Leanne and I went out for a lovely walk in yesterday's glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. We took a slightly different route to the Drift...the long way round and Leanne, bless her, did ALL the pushing!
Manda had told me that they had now put a ramp at the top of Poplar Road and we got to see it for ourselves; this is so much better and will make a trip to Farm Foods during the week all the more easier.

I gazed longingly at the forest area which we used to so often walk in; no chance of that with the wheelchair....the views are spectacular from up there and it would have been great to take some photos.We walked past Manda's house......I wonder if they were up or in bed...I must ask her when she comes round.Then on past the big house that keeps chickens...the Roosters were making a fine noise...I doubt the neighbours need alarm clocks!!When we got back home we realised we had been out for nearly 2 hours!!!...but we still sat in the sun in the garden for a while before putting Mick back on his bed.

Leanne had a lovely photo of Kirsty and Melissa sent to her on her phone; the children are with their Dad all this week ...hence Leanne being here without them.

I managed to get Leanne into the kitchen too...just to show her how quick and easy my Banana Bread is to make...........I think I've finally convinced her to try and do it for herself...the kids will be pleased!!!! Just click the small picture for the recipe.

All afternoon Mick slept peacefully with no coughing or wincing and Leanne and I both remarked how contented he looked, a small smile on his lips.........dreaming of Summer no doubt...or maybe smiling at the fact that he'd got away with being "April Fooled". Every 1st of April since Mick and I met (except for the last 3) I would ALWAYS catch him out with an April Fools trick. It would be too long a post to recount them all but the following 2 are MY favourites.

  1. Mick always had a Sunday paper; I would go and buy it for him and give it to him with a cuppa in bed as a morning treat. This particular 1st April I had saved the LAST weeks paper and keeping the outer pages intact I replaced all the rest of the inside pages with the LAST weeks pages. Mick settled down to read it and after a while commented that he was sure he'd "read this story" before. As he continued further and further into the paper he became more and more perplexed as EVERY story he KNEW he had already read. He wondered if he should phone the newspaper as it was obvious that they had made a mistake and reprinted OLD news. He looked at the top of the page he was on to check it had the correct date on and the penny finally dropped!!!!!! A few choice words escaped his lips and he swore I would NEVER catch him out again....(of course I DID!!)

  2. Those of you who visit M.M.L.M.G. will know that we have a continual problem with people dumping rubbish in the alley beside our fence. Mick was always phoning the Council and reporting it...sometimes even putting it n our own car and taking it to the tip himself! This particular year the problem had been really bad and for two weeks Mick was on the phone every other day complaining that yet more rubbish had been dumped. When the post arrived on 1st April there was a very official looking letter from Babergh District Council's Estate Warden for Mick with a bill for the cost of removing rubbish from outside our house. Mick hit the roof!!!!...he was livid... a few FFFF's" flew about I can assure you. At the bottom of the bill was the Estate Warden's mobile telephone number....Mick snatched up his own mobile and dialled the number...ready to give the warden a "right load of verbal". He dialled and at the same time my mobile phone rang. With his phone to his ear Mick heard MY dulcit tones saying "APRIL FOOL"!!! Mick laughed and laughed and said it was my "best one yet".

Sadly there were no more occasions after this last one for me to play an April Fool on Mick, and I hope that these stories will show you..not what a terrible scamp I am!....but just how wonderful Mick's sense of humour is that he could take being tricked like this yet .....laugh and laugh and laugh.

On that lighter note...are you wondering what the "hush hush" project is that I mentioned yesterday. Well here's a clue!!!!

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talj said...

Sorry to read that Mick isn't eating or drinking so well. I do hope that picks up soon {{{HUGS}}}

It sure sounds like Mick has a great sense of do you!!! I'll make sure I'm never at your house on April Fools Day!!! ;o)

That banana loaf looks yummy!!

Another lovely day here in leeds, hope its just as nice there and that you and Mick have a great day!

{{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}

Jenny said...

I LOVE your April fools stories - it really shows everything about both of your personalities and your wonderful loving relationship. I wish my marriage was as full of life as yours is!!

I do hope Mick starts eating and drinking again - I'll be praying for that to happen!

Icarus said...

As the move out of the Lisbon home took place today a year ago, I have decided today that I am entitled to consider myself the permanent April Fool, regardless of what motivated it.
A-Class April Fool stunts from you!! I've already mailed you re. Mick's interval from food intake, so I won't add more. I hear you.
Banana bread is new to me, but I've a hunch it's delicious.
Easter ducklings eggs??!? Is this something else I've missed?
Blessings, with fruit & hugs,

CG said...

I am so sorry Mick still isn't taking in any food or drink. I do hope he improves soon.

I LOVED your April Fool stories. I am useless at jokes like that but very gullible so easy to fool. You're really inventive!!

Audrey said...

Lol Ruth I really enjoyed reading your April fools stories, what a wonderful sense of humour.

Hope Micks appetite improves soon ((((((hugs)))) this obviously is giving you cause for concern just now.

Thanks for the reminder about chocolate eggs,ooooops I had better get down to Asda...almost forgot.