Saturday, April 21, 2007


Had a busy morning today I went out for the longest time yet without Mick. I won't pretend it was easy; my legs were like jelly and as we entered the shops that previously I been in with Mick waves of emotion came over me and tears pricked my eyes. I had to do it though and I had Lynn, Manda, Chris and Nicole to support me. The reason for the shopping trip was to buy food for Wednesday. We aren't having one of those "pub dos" home and in the garden is where we all feel Mick's presence the most and that's where we want to be. Although I enjoy cooking I'm cheating and have bought in quiches, continental and British cold meats and even shop bought desserts! Manda is making one of her pasta salads and cooking sausage rolls (the kids love them) and on Tuesday we will get some nice breads and salad and it will be a "help yourself" buffet. Some wine and beers, lots of music and (hopefully) plenty of laughs....just as Mick would have wanted it.

The boot of Lynn's car was bursting with goodies......and now so are my fridge and freezer. When we arrived home I saw that one of our neighbours was busy in his garden and continuing to put up his new fence. I could do with a new one myself...maybe he could give me a hand....oh no that would be unfair...I forgot about his disability for a moment..the one that means he can't get about and has to have a free car etc off of the government.

I also cheated with lunch.......while we were in Tesco's we got some of these......and very yummy they were too!

Everyone had gone home by 4pm and I had an hour or two in the garden....planning for tomorrow. I'm having a door staying locked, phone calls vetted day.....a ME day! I'm going to spend all day in the garden (please let the weather hold) and catch up with all the potting up that needs so desperately if you're in the neighbourhood tomorrow and hear a voice chattering away, relaying everything she's's just me chatting to Mick as I potter. I must remember to tell him the first Clematis Montana flower is open...we always used to have a bet as to which bud would open first each year...........I won't cheat...I'll admit I was wrong this year.

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Petunia's Gardener said...

Hi Ruth,
This post wasn't here just a little ago. You must be on the computer now! Mick is so proud of the fine job you are doing with so much that must happen now. He'll be warming all of your hearts around the house and garden on Wednesday.

Enjoy your special Sunday, every darn moment of it. And stay away from any of those 'have to dos' and stick to the 'want to dos'.

CG said...

You were very brave, Ruth, and all the food and plans for Wednesday sound perfect. I hope you have a lovely day in the garden tomorrow - will be thinking of you XXX

Icarus said...

Hey there! Is tomorrow going to be your first day alone at home? It will be another huge, strong experience, but necessarily a negative one, spending the time doing what's right for you to do, probably with the time to think & reflect on everything that's happened, in the quiet. And I reckon that if it gets to be too much, you know where to look for company. You just go right ahead & talk out loud to Mick to your heart's content, nothing wrong with it.
And I think the plan for Wednesday sounds great too. It's where you all belong, at home together.
I couldn't enlarge these photos, so I couldn't work out what was the lunch in the Tesco's surprise pack! Would I like it?
My strongest wishes for your well-being, my dear friend

talj said...

GoO RUTH!!Am so proud of you for getting out there and fighting back those tears, so very brave of you! I am sure that wednesday will be just right!

I hope that you have lovely weather tomorrow and you can enjoy YOUR day!

Thinking of you always, loads of love and {{HUGS}} xxx

Gledwood said...

I can't add to what the others have said except by agreeing with them. Yes Ruth you are a very brave lady and good on you!


Icarus said...

I have to come back to add an important PS (my hands are as flickery on the keyboard as with a pen lol!). i just re-read what I wrote before and...I didn't ever want to say that "..but necessarily etc.". It of courseshould say "NOT necessarily a negative one". You understood, didn't you?

Sheila said...

Enjoy your ME day Ruth, they are essential to our mental health.
Sounds like you are set in the catering dept for next week.
I'll finally be able to get into my garden tomorrow, and I will think of you doing the same..

Mauigirl said...

Ruth, enjoy your day Sunday in the garden with Mick. I know he is watching over you and will be answering.

It's interesting, since my father died I actually feel closer to him than during the last year of his life when he was not himself anymore. I really do think his presence is around me.

Libbys Blog said...

Everything will be fine on Wednesday because you will be with close friends and family and they will enjoy there time with you and the girls and Mick in one of his favourite places!!
Enjoy your 'ME' day!

Lynnie Miller said...

Hi mum
Enjoy every minute of your time with daddy in your beautiful garden. I look forward to seeing all of your potted up babies on Tuesday.
Of now to lay on the hammock and enjoy our garden... Okay mum I will remember the sun cream! lol...
Lots of love and hugs

Audrey said...

No,No Ruth,this is NOT CHEATING!!!what I would call good time management and effective use of energy lol..

A lovely warm feeling comes over me as I imagine you chat away to Mick as you potter and Im only to sure wednesday will be a wonderful celebration of every gift Mick brought to this world..

Enjoy your ME time in your own special wayxxx

Ruby in Bury said...

Looks like the weather's been good for you - sunny and warm most of the day in Bury, anyway, hope you have the same!


Allotment Lady said...

Well done you with the shopping - another achievement for you and Mick would be so proud -next time it will be a bit easier.

Glad you are getting a lot of support - you deserve it.

And about time you had a totally ME day - enjoy