Sunday, April 01, 2007


Just a catch up on yesterday;-

Lynn set off really early and arrived at our house at 6.30am. I hadn't expected her until about 7 so she caught me still in my nightclothes! No photos of that I can assure you! Mick took a long time to rouse but finally woke and by about 10am had eaten most of his breakfast. When we turned Mick on to his side as part of the getting dressed process I was perturbed to see that his left elbow looked slightly red and swollen. I took off the dressing....what a job that was! the sticky backing had adhered to his skin so much that a small area of his skin started to bleed as I tried to take it off. Even worse than that the area under the lint of the dressing was quite "weepy" and sore....I was grateful that I still had some Inadine dressings left and after wiping the area with a sterile swab I placed one over the infected area. How these things happen practically overnight I don't's quite disheartening when I know how careful I am to check him over in an effort to "prevent rather than cure".It was a beautiful sunny day though there was quite a chill to the wind so we wrapped Mick up warmly and went to sit in the garden while we waited for Ron and Brenda to arrive.Ron and Brenda arrived a little before noon ............and had brought a Millwall magazine that Sarah (our niece) had got for Mick when she went to one of their matches. There are some interesting articles in it that I'll read out to Mick during the week so that he can catch up with how his team's doing...they beat Swansea 2-0 today BTW.While I showed Mick a few pictures in the mag Ron, Brenda and Lynn caught up with the latest family gossip. It would have been nice to have lunch outside but the wind was so cold that we decided to go inside. Lynn picked Leanne up from the bus stop while I prepared the meal and we all rather "stuffed" ourselves....................EXCEPT for Mick. Now he is waking up so late he is never really ready for lunch at lunchtime. I hoped that he would make up for it at dinnertime. Ron and Brenda stayed for a couple of hours and after they left Manda and Nicole popped in. Mick had lots of girly chatter to listen too!!!!!

Lynn left to drive home at 5.30pm so missed out on the Roast Dinner....though Steve phoned her before she left to say he was cooking her something special for when she got home. Sadly Mick wasn't interested in eating at all no matter how much I tried to tempt him so he has not eaten or drunk anything since yesterday you know this worries me........I know he needs to have his bowels open...the signs are there...... but unless he drinks I can't even get any Movicol into him so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I don't want him to feel uncomfortable but I know he has a build up of wind...I'll just have to hope today brings better results.

Leanne had a little "chill out" time while I caught up with reading some of my emails. Apologies if I've not managed to catch up with all of your own blogs....there is "project" going on in Blogworld at the moment and any spare moments I have I'm spending on that.

All will be revealed on Tuesday....and that's all I have to say about that......for now!!!!

What I will tell you about (in case you've not already heard) is Talj's Pledges she has made.......she has pledged to give £5/£10 to the Clattebridge Campaign if 20 other people will do the same. Just click on the buttons below and you'll find out what it's all about.

As the weather forecast looks quite good today all being well we may try to get out for a walk.

Sunrise today....and I'm not fooling you.

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talj said...

Certainly looks like you had a lovely day!!! So glad Mick managed breakfast and hope he eats a little more today and things get moving ;o)

Lovely photos from yesterday,makes me wish I could have been there with you!!

Hope you manage to get out for your walk today {{{HUGS}}} to you all xxx

Mousie said...

the sun is in England not in France, and it's cold as well...that's Ok, nice weather for blogging, reading and visiting friends...hope Mick's elbow will improve...Ruth you really have beautiful children...
love to all

Sheila said...

You had a house full today Ruth, I'm glad you had lots of visitors. It's nice to catch up with everyone. I hope Mick's elbow will improve, and his appetite.
I imagine it is a conern for you. Your sunset is lovely, I'd show ypu ours, but we've had no sun at all day..!

CG said...

Nice to hear you enjoyed your Sunday despite your worries about Mick's elbow and his eating.