Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have been overwhelmed by the emails and comments I've received for yesterday. Time is against me; I wish I could personally thank you all. Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life yet was the best day I could have hoped for; I admit that my head pounded and my legs were like jelly; I was sure that they would give way as I followed Mick down the aisle. He was carried by Chris, Steve M, Steve J, Rob and Ron...the sixth bearer being one of the funeral directors. I was so proud of them all and it gave my legs strength. The weather was glorious and almost all of the congregation had heeded my plea that bright colours (like flowers in a garden) should be worn. I myself wore a red dress that Mick so loved me in. I was married in red and it seemed right that I wore red yesterday too. I placed a single Camellia from our garden on Mick's casket and placed a final kiss there too.

Jo greeted us all and Phil and Mel were so brave (being "first up") as they lit the candle of Remembrance. Kirsty read her poem; in fact she and Nicole had decided to read it together; each one reading a verse at a time. I was so proud as I know their Grandad was; they are only 12 and brave, so courageous. Lynn, Leanne, Manda and Chris all read their poems and words.....each one filled with emotion and tears....but none of them allowed Jo to "step in" and take over. Each of them made it through.......I'm so proud and I know their Dad was.

The tribute that Jo had written was perfect; I was so proud; I know Mick was too. The worst moment was as the curtains closed as the strains of Old and Wise faded. I know Mick will always be with me in my heart and his memory will live on in the hearts of so many....but the closing of the curtains seemed so "final".

Following this, Jo thanked all who had attended and gave special thanks to all my blogfriends who though unable to attend had given me so much support and strength...(you were all with me, more than you will ever realise) she then read some words that she had found, I felt she had picked them especially, they seemed so right for Mick (she says she will send me a copy). As she said the final words she looked straight at me and I mouthed a silent thank you to her.

The last music to be played was "The only way is up"....and yes, when it came to the time time in the song..........we who knew sang out loud and clear "BATSUMA"......(we had to explain afterwards to other members of the family afterwards what it was all about).

There was not a single hitch during the whole service...even the music played I relistened to the words of them all I knew that I had chosen them well.

Almost all of the family and friends came back to the house; the sun was still shining and the "party" spilled over to the green area at the front of the house!!!

The collage, photo album, sympathy cards, emails/comments from blogfirends and the booklet that Denise had made were looked at by all. The buffet was tucked into and there was a lot of (sensible) drinking done. Lots of laughter!!!!!

Time to eat

Fred amusing Sue and Fran with tales of yore!

The party spills out to the green


Me caught posing!

Mirry, Fran and Manda catching up on old times( this one taken on Tuesday)

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talj said...

My Dear Ruth, I'm so proud of you all {{{BIG CUDDLES}}} for all the 'SPEC' gang! I am sure that Mick was overwhelmed by the strength and courage that you all showed yesterday!

The photos are lovely and I am so pleased to see you smiling. Much love and {{{BIG HUGS}}} to all xxxx

CG said...

It sounds like the most beautiful send off for Mick and you looked stunning Ruth! I am so glad he had a service that reflected the person he was.
Lots of love xxxJulie

Icarus said...

Dearest Ruth, it is now the 26th April, so the huge, dreaded & inevitable "mile-stone", or "gate", has been passed. After our exchange of words, I don't need to say much more here, but this: the report you have written of yesterday is, once again, fantastic. Did you know that you are a natural journalist? Maybe even better than a pro, because we the readers who weren't actually there can 'see' and feel the whole strong day. A piece of pure Ruth. And once again, I feel a great pride in our friendship, because you faced up to the day as you had to and saw it off with every emotion, the highs & lows. All of you did it, head on, and gave Mick an occasion he and you all deserved. The occasion YOU wanted, for yourselves. And above all, for Mick, who defied the first medical opinion on his condition for so much longer, with such bravery & tenacity. I'm sure it will live on forever strong in your memories, but with warmth.
After all, Mick was no ordinary guy. After all, you are no ordinary guy.
After all, you are a vry special being.
It's 26th April...the Only Way Is Up! No choice.
Bless you, the family & friends. Bless Mick.
Love, Sxxx

Mousie said...

you must have been so beautiful in your red dress...and the all the family was great...a beautiful day to remember...Mick is very proud...
we are so very proud of know Ruth you always say your blogger friends help you...but do you realize how much you help us...
go on darling...
we love you all

Icarus said...

PS...Grrr, sometimes I write while I'm being distracted!!! I thought of deleting the above when I read one sentence where I was clearly distracted...but I won't. Forgive me, you are NOT an ordinary guy...Are you??? It should say:
'You are not an ordinary family'. (I'm now silently swearing in Portuguese, Arabic & Italian for that mistake, but it will stay exactly there. In my head) **smiles**. ((((((((huggies))))))))SXXX

Audrey said...

Dearest Ruth,the courage and strength shown by you all yesterday is equalled only by the depth of the love you all shared for Mick,a love that will live on forever

Mick must have been so proud of you all,especially you Ruth, his beautiful, courageous lady dressed in the red dress that he loved you in so much

The day was a wonderful tribute for Mick, Bless all of youxxxxxAuds

xxx For Kirsty and Nicole so brave and courageous.

Audrey said...

xxxFor Phil and Mel too,very special, brave grandchildren

mrsnesbitt said...

A lovely day Ruth, so many words to read and remember. I still read the letters and cards I received when mum died, they bring comfort.

Lots of Love

Sheila said...

It has to be comforting and yet bitter sweet to see how well everthing went.
You looked and are beautiful Ruth, Mick chose well..

Gledwood said...

That was a beautiful description.
Big huggs!!

Sylvia said...

{{{Hugs}}} and I am glad that things went well yesterday. You were on my mind all day.

A wildlife gardener said...

I am so glad everything went well for you and all your family, Ruth. I'm sure Mick was there with you all too, watching over you.

Allotment Lady said...

We were, as you said, all with you in spirit - and you looked beautiful for Mick.

Your garden was just the most perfect setting.

Well done.

More hugs coming your way