Friday, April 13, 2007


The girls have all gone home now. It's been lovely having them here; I was especially pleased that Leanne could stay over last night. It's been difficult for her not being here where we all feel Mick's presence. With three children at home and no other adult in the house she has not had a chance to truly show her grief. I'm so glad that, thanks to Chris "childsitting", she was able to come over and join myself, Lynn and Manda as we laughed and cried with our memories. We shed many, many tears but feeling Mick around us we also giggled like schoolgirls remembering so many of those special "Mick moments".

I'm looking forward to the weekend; there is so much gardening that hasn't been done yet and because it is the weekend all those official letters and phone calls I still have to make can be put on hold until offices reopen on Monday. Mick and I were just an ordinary couple, no vast savings accounts, or hundreds of stocks and shares yet the paperwork that will be involved is incredible. The registrar gave me a list of things I should do. I'm glad she did as it would probably not have crossed my mind to notify the Passport Office or the Driver's Licensing Department.

I can't believe a week has almost past; this time last week I had just finished watching the TV gardening programmes with Mick by my side..........

I was hoping to email and personally thank all the bloggers who had sent emails and left such wonderful comments over the last few days but the list would just be too long. I have emailed a few of the people who contributed to the lovely booklet that Denise had compiled:







Denise.. (I have actually spoken to on the phone a couple of times and she has the most brilliant video on her post today (13th) ....we roared with laughter!!! You must take a HERE.)

unfortunately some of them do not have an email facility on their blog so;

Scarecrow and Doc

Annie in Little Rock

Lori Schmidt



"Thank you for the wonderful words you each wrote; your kind and loving thoughts are treasured by us all."

and the same message to all of you who have emailed and commented. If I could cyberwhisk you all here on 25th April when Mick makes his final journey I would, so that I could hug each and every one of you!

There have also been two new comments from Tom on my Art, Art, wherefore art thou art? post. If you are reading this Tom I can't pick up a link from your comments so if you could email me (see my profile page) or leave your blog address I would be much obliged.

I hope you've all been casting your votes on the Easter Egg's been such a success and raised £ that's put another smile on my face!

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Gledwood said...

Gardening is said to be very therapeutic as you surely know.

Have you thought of planting a commemorative rosebush, tree or something ... ?

RUTH said...

We have thought of doing something like that but in a way the whole garden is a commemorative garden.

Audrey said...

Enjoy your garden this weekend Ruth, lots of sunshine and fresh air.


talj said...

So glad all you girls could be together and share such happy memories these past few days!

I hope that you enjoy your gardening this weekend Ruth {{{HUGS}}}

I'd like to add another BIG thank you to you for all your hardwork on the Easter Egg Hunt, you girls have done a fantastic job and the £109.00 you raised is just fantastic. As Andrew said last night you really are 'SPEC' stars!! :o)

Thinking of you always xxxx

Jacquie said...

I was wondering if you were thinking of including something from your garden in your floral tribute to Mick - so he will have something from there with him for this part of his journey.

Betty said...

I just learned of your husband's passing away tonight by following another blog to yours. I am so sorry and for all the problems with the NHS. I can't say that I know how you feel but I certainly feel for you and your family.

God bless....
Betty at Country Charm

Mauigirl said...

Hi Ruth, so sorry to hear how insensitive the NHS has been. However, just consider the is what it is. Still,it amazes me how people in that line of work can be so unthinking in how they speak to grieving families.

Anyway, I'm glad you are moving forward with your gardening and that you were surrounded by your family and were able to reminisce about the good times with Mick together.

CG said...

Enjoy the gardening, Ruth, I will be thinking of you getting your hands dirty and with the scent of new life all around you in the plants.

I'm glad you and the girls were able to enjoy sharing those happy memories together.

{{HUGS}} Julie x

Dirty Butter said...

How exciting to get a comment about Mick's picture, but oh so frustrating that you can't email Tom back! I'll have to get busy and see if his tidbit of information finds any more crumbs on the trail.

{{HUGS}} for you, dear friend.

Allotment Lady said...

Your garden certainly is a wonderful garden of memories - and he will be there always with you - and yes do talk to him - I talk to my friends who have passed - and they are there for sure.