Friday, April 06, 2007


A beautiful sunrise this morning and Mick had a peaceful night. I was up and dressed early ready for Lynn to arrive; just after 6am she turned up with Manda!!! Unbeknown to me Lynn had driven down during the night and (rather than risk disturbing Mick & I) had stayed at Mandas. It seems the 2 girls have been up talking all night and have not slept yet!!! Leanne has to work today but Lynn is going to go and pick her up later and bring her over for a quick visit....I know how much this will mean to Leanne. I'm sure Mick will enjoy having so many girls around....lucky man!!!
That's all for now......till later........enjoy the sunshine...we hope to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really excited to see the Just Giving Donations have now hit £2000........THANK YOU!!!!!!

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CG said...

That is great news about the donation target!!

I hope you all have a happy and peaceful day and that Mick enjoys being surrounded by girls :)

HUGS xxx

talj said...

Lovely sunrise for you this morning! Glad to hear the girls are around and hope you all have a lovely day {{{HUGS}}} to you all!!

WONDERFUL NEWS! About the donations, Ruth your great ideas and fundraising efforts are amazing and we are so very grateful to you!! {{{HUGS}}} and loads of love xxx

Audrey said...

Wonderful news regarding the donations Ruth, lots of time and effort gone into the easter blog, good to see the fund grow.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful day together

(((((((((hugs to you all)))))))))

Sylvia said...