Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just a catch up on today, a day of blue skies and sunshine. Manda and I had arranged earlier in the week that we would walk to town today; I thought about it and decided not to go. As I fear things are not going well for Mick I knew that if he was aware of what was going on that he would rather be sitting in our garden than traipsing around a noisy, busy town.

So that's what we did and we stayed there until 3.30pm.Manda popped in a few times during the day and kept me well supplied with coffees!!! Like Leanne and Lynn she wants to spend as much time with Mick as possible but at the same time realises how important it is for me to have my own private time with him.......well there's some sloppy stuff I can't possibly say to him in front of the children!!!!!Manda and I took it in turns to read some interesting bits out of the Gardening Magazine I'd bought the last time we went to the shops........Manda (being a self-confessed NON gardener) did very well reading out some of the Latin names....I bet Mick was smiling inside at some of her pronunciation. Chris and Nicole also popped in for a while and Lynn is coming (just for the day) tomorrow. Leanne was due to come on Thursday but wants to bring that forward; the problem is that being the Easter weekend public transport is almost non existent!
The Hospice Nurse phoned and popped in. I told her of my problem that some people want me to let them know WHEN Mick is in his final stages........she said even the greatest physician on Earth wouldn't be able to answer could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be...???? Mick has been defying the odds for 22+ months already. Two "good" things she did do was bring me some of the soft mouth swabs which she expected we had been given from day one......we hadn't....and also made sure the Doctor popped in...just for the that we wouldn't have to have an autopsy.........I'm grateful for that!
I'm sorry if this all sounds a bit gloomy but I will quote what I wrote in the 2nd post of this blog when I began it;
Before I start writing this blog in earnest I must warn you that this is my "no holds barred" blog. It is not for the faint hearted or the squeamish. Although I hope it will contain some "smiley" entries I know that many of my posts will be of sad events over the last 18 months and of sad events in the days to come. There WILL be mention of bowel movements and vomit. There WILL be tears. So should I make this blog a private one and allow NO visitors?
Maybe I should.............................
But then again.................................
maybe reading this will make someone happier with their "lot"
maybe reading this will make someone feel less alone coping with their problems
but most of all
maybe reading this will make YOU realise how precious every moment is that is spent with those we love

On that note I leave you with tonight's sunset, a gentle reminder to visit the Easter Bunnies Egg Hunt and

Carpe Diem (Seize the day!) ....... thanks to Sx for this one too!

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Gledwood said...

1.That top picture looks like it was shot through an aeroplane window.

2.Medication lollies? What a great idea!!

Audrey said...

Time in the garden together......yes so much better than a busy, noisy town ,Im so glad the sun shone for you all Ruth. It is also comforting to know the hospice nurse phoned and popped in and brought some solice in as much as you know an autopsy wont be required, this is not gloomy Ruth, its important knowing this and thank you for sharing.

The soft mouth swabs will moisten and keep Micks mouth clean, more comfortable for him so pleased she brought these x

As for the maybes Ruth I think your opening this sacred space in the very loving way you have has indeed made me happier with my lot, felt less alone in coping with my problems and most definitely helped me appreciate how precious every moment is that is spent with those we love, and more... helped me focus on what really matters in this life, very often the small everyday acts of love that tend to get lost in the day to day..

Thank you for your precious giftsx Much love and strength to you in the moment to momentxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAuds

CG said...

Ruth...I have only "known" you and Mick for a little time but in that short time you have impressed me beyond words with your courage and fortitude. You show me what true love really is every single day. You are never gloomy although sometimes you are sad. And you have certainly made me think every day that I must indeed treasure those that I love. thank you.
Am glad you had time in the garden with Mick. {{{HUGS}} Julie xxxx

talj said...

My Dear Ruth, {{{BIG CUDDLES}}} to you, Mick and the girls.

Although I have only known you a short time through 'something', I dont think I can put my finger on what, we have become close and your friendship really has enriched my life. The day we all spent together was one of the happiest, most relaxing, days I have had in a very long time.

Knowing what you are facing now and in the days to come makes me wish more than anything that I could do something to help, all I can offer is a hand to hold, a good pair of cuddling arms and a shoulder for you to snot on...whoops...I meant lean on ;o)

I echo your words from towards the end of your post, SEIZE THE MOMENT! Grab every one of those precious moments, hold on to them and take comfort in them.

You know both myself and Andrew are keeping you in our thoughts and if you need us you only have to shout.

Much love and {{{HUGE HUGE HUGS}}} xxx

Claire said...

It may at times make people uncomfortable or sad or whatever!
But i say so what, the rough goes with the smooth and the happy goes with the sad.

I feel privileged to share this journey with you.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Hugs from around the world. You are an inspiration to us. Wishing you peace with each treasured moment. Paula