Saturday, March 31, 2007


With sincere apologies to CATHERINE TATE for borrowing her catchphrase I thought as this month is rapidly coming to an end and with visitors this weekend I won't have much time to post; that I would just get a few things off my chest that have "bovvered" me during the month.
The car and van drivers who insist on parking on the pavement which means that access is limited to the pedestrian and I have to "bump" Mick's wheelchair down the kerb and walk into the road in order to get past.....................

The Tesco worker who, when I ordered 1kg of brussel sprouts in my online shopping list, laughably dutifully wieghed and bagged ONE brussel sprout.


People who spit out their chewing gum on to the pavement and I have to HOPE that I've noticed it before I run it all over the carpet
People who manage to get specialised shower facilities (and free cars) because of their problem with walking....yet manage to dig up their gardens, repair their fences with no problems and walk the "long" way round to their house rather than have to pass us.

Glad I got that out of my system!!!! I must admit though I almost used the catch phrase of another Catherine Tate Show character, Joannie "Nan" Taylor (the foul-mouthed grandmother who constantly swears at and criticises other people) "What a f***ing liberty"!

Mick did well yesterday with his food and managed to eat all his breakfast and almost all of his dinner. Later in the evening (well it was more early morning) he had a bowl of rice pudding! Today we have Lynn coming for the day, her friend Lou is doing a charity run tomorrow in aid of a leukaemia charity so Lynn is going back home to cheer her on. We also have Mick's brother Ron and his wife Brenda visiting so it will be quite a full house. Well I'd better get the kettle on, Lynn will have left home at 5am and should be here soon; in fact she is at the door now!!! and I'm still in my nightclothes!!!!!!!

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talj said...

Get dressed woman!!!! lol

I think the Nan 'catchphrase' is much more apt for your 'disabled' neighbour, it would make me very angry!

So glad to hear Mick ate well yesterday and enjoyed his midnight feast!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend with your visitors, I'll miss you!!!

{{{HUGE HUGE HUGS}}} to you and Mick xx

CG said...

No wonder you are "bovvered"'s a disgrace. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.You and Mick deserve it!!!

Audrey said...

These things bovver me too Ruth so Im behind you all the way, its good to get it off your chest, but even better if fun and equipment went to the people who genuinely need them.......You and Mick are a prime example.......You deserve more respect from the powers that be, but the respect youve earned through your devotion cannot be bought at any many admire and have a deep respect for who you are and what you stand for

Glad to hear that Mick is eating well and have a lovely weekend with your deserve it xxxxx

and yes!!!!!! nans catch phrase is more than appropriate.

Audrey said...

sorry that should read funds not fun,but both important non the less