Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Had another computer panic last night. I asked Manda if she could try and find some good nature sites that may have some time lapse tadpole to frog videos on them. As she works at the school she knows quite a few good educational sites. She found a really nice BBC Nature website and left it open for me to look at after she's gone. IT FROZE !!!!! For almost 3 hours the screen just sat there it didn't matter how may keys I tapped...nothing...I couldn't even get send or receive emails...the whole thing had seized up. FINALLY I managed to turn off the computer and ...HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF.....when I turned it back on again it was OK.....PHEW!!!!
I'm so glad it's working again.......it's my little lifeline to the outside world.......and it meant that last night I could do some online Tesco shopping ........(running low on coffee and toilet rolls...can't cope without either!)....and also..GREAT STUFF THIS......it meant I could have a look at the RSS computery Netvibes thingy........(I know nothing about computers so that's the best technical terms I can use)...that Talj has sorted out for me. It is so COOL! Now instead of going into everyones blogs to see if they've posted anything new I just look at my Netvibes page and it tells me which ones have new posts! Think of all the extra time I'll have now to do HOUSEWORK GARDENING!
Mick's had quite a sleepy day as I expected with the new patch but has continued to eat well and taken some liquid. His bottom is not looking red anymore and I reckon I made the right decision by leaving him in bed.

This is for Auds ...due to my typing error in her comment box.......weekend became WINKend.....she is now collecting "winks"....both real and cyber. Hope you like this one Auds.

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CG said...

T got me sorted with Netvibes too. I love it...especially the online TO DO list :)

Glad your computer recovered!!!

AnalĂ­a said...

I have had many of those pc panic LOL, with manuel as the main user of my computer you can imagen!!
Thanks god we always have the ctrl alt del option!! sometime it doesn't work though.
I've been trying to get a wink for Auds too!! but instead od winks I get wrinks every time I close one eye snifffff
I hope you have a beautiful day, or afternoon sinc I know is a little late there now. Kisses and hugs, your friend Ani

Audrey said...

Hi Ruth

Im so glad the computer problem sorted out, grrrrrrrrrr its so frustrating when they freeze like that,I can imagine even more so when plays an important role in your life.

Ive had a lot of fun with the winks...lol ;-)Put them in the wink bank for now x x Thanks for the link and that very original typo error lol

X Auds