Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I know you will all join me in sending our condolences to Dirty Butter; her Father has passed away at the incredible age of 102. She recently wrote a post outlining some of the events that had occurred during her Father's lifetime.....please click here and read it, it makes you appreciate how much change there has been in the last 100 years.

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CG said...

It's incredible to read about the changes 100 years can bring. I have sent DB my sympathies - it's so hard to say goodbye to a well-loved parent - they take so much with them that is gone for ever!

talj said...

{{{HUGS}}} for DB and family xx

Icarus said...

Does it just rain? Or does it pour?
Not the easiest of times. And à propos, I hope your night was peaceful and today is better.

Big warm thoughts, with love