Saturday, March 24, 2007


I'd noticed Thursday evening and again yesterday morning that at times Mick was really wincing. He can't tell me what the problem is and so I have to rely on a bit of guesswork as to what the problem is. I know the area on his chest hurts him but the wincing didn't happen when I touched his arm My next idea was that his urine infection had returned; I've already said how low his urine output is and so thought I would put my idea to the test. I took off his "padding" , as we call it, and tried to coax him into having a wee. I think it is more natural for him to try with the padding off, it is pretty bulky and uncomfortable. Luckily he did manage a dribble and sure enough the wince on his face appeared. I phoned the Doctor's Surgery to see if they would repeat the prescription he had earlier in the month. The receptionist wasn't sure whether the Doctor would have to see Mick before prescribing anything and asked me to phone back at 11.45am. This I did but the Doctor hadn't received my request yet so she asked me to try again later. About half an hour later the Doctor phoned me; I think he may have been a locum as he had a strong French accent. He agreed to a repeat prescription and asked me to come down to the surgery and pick it up. It was pouring with rain and I didn't really want to drag Mick out but luckily Manda finishes work early on a Friday so was able to pick it up at 3pm. The surgery is only 10 minutes from us at a brisk pace and by 4pm she wasn't back. I text her to see if there was a problem....THERE WAS.....the Doctor had prescribed Mick TABLETS rather than liquid antibiotics. Thank goodness Manda had the foresight to check the prescription before she took it to the Chemists. She immediately told the receptionist and then had to wait over an hour before the doctor would correct the prescription. it makes me wonder whether doctors actually bother to look at patients records!!!! I am so grateful to Manda...can you imagine if I had dragged Mick out, not noticed the error, then walked all the way to the Chemists only to find that he had been prescribed tablets! Manda did find one interesting piece of information while she was waiting......besides all the "confidential" medical information, names and addresses of patients that were being shouted between the reception staff and down the phone for all to hear........she picked up a leaflet about Cancer, it seems that as soon as a patient is diagnosed they are assigned a "key worker" who helps them and deals with any questions/problems that may arise between diagnosis and whatever outcome there may be. Didn't know that!!!

My idea of "little and often" has worked well so far....I'm in the process of making up various small meals, both savoury and sweet which will only take minutes to heat in the microwave. Yesterday Mick managed 4 "small meals" and even drank a little orange squash without too much choking. As soon as the slightest sign of mucus build up occurred I stopped giving him food and tried again a few hours later. Hopefully the same system will work today. He also kept his eyes open for quite a time while they Gardening Programmes were on TV......and turned his head slightly towards the TV on occasions.

You know the little donation box in my side bar, the one that looks like this.

Well take a look at what the Just Giving Blog have said ..........CLICK HERE .

Even if you're not in a position to donate yourself but would like to help...please think about putting it on your sidebar for others to see. Hopefully your lives have not been touched by the "BIG C", the more research that is done to obliterate it the more likely it is that your children and grandchildren won't be touched by it either.

To those of you who have already added the donation box.......a huge THANK means a lot to me, more than I can put into mere words.

The sun rose beautifully this morning though the forecast is for rain; no matter though.....I shall take Mick into the kitchen and he can watch me potting up seedlings..............

p.s. still not cleaned the oven!

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talj said...

I am saddened to hear that you and Mick haven't even received the BASIC services you are ENTITLED to :o( Are you going to look into a key worker? And as for the doctors....well...they seem to prove how useless they are time and time again!

Hope you and Mick manage to get some potting and stuff down! I'm still dreaming of my little flowery paradise! :o)

Hope Mick's wincing gets cleared up very soon. Have a good day {{{HUGE HUGS}}}

Audrey said...

Wish I could bring you a cuppa Ruth, sit you by Mick, tell you to put your feet up for an hour and go and clean your oven for you. Im in awe of your dedication and love, its truly humbling.......

What you write about your Drs surgery, it happens far too often and far too often to those like yourself most in need of a supportive healthcare team all the way down the line.

Much love and respect to you and Mick, hoping the medication works it wonders and Mick more comfortable again very soon

(((((((((((Hugs and more hugs))))))))))))))))

CG said...

Ruth, I know there is a company called OvenClean up here in the northwest - they come and give your oven a really good clean!! If you have a similar company in your area, why not get them to come along - I can't get round to clean your oven but I'd HAPPILY pay this company to do it!! I would like so much to help you out sometimes but being so far away it's hard...

RUTH said...

talj; we are probably at the stage where anyne else coming in would upset the applecart and get in the's just been too long. The help we really needed was when Mick was more able and alert and when he could still really appreciate everything.
auds; we shall have a cyber cuppa and chat so much that the oven gets forgotten.
cg; I've been thinking about that; not you paying I mean...LOL, wouldn't dream of it..though sweet of you to offer; my only problem would be feeling that I'd have to clean the oven before they came rather than let them see how bad it is! My Mum was the same when she had a cleaner during Dad's Army years; she would race around cleaning the house so that the cleaner wouldn't find a mess!

CG said...

Ruth, I'd probably be the same as you LOL. When we still had our dog I used to find DOG HAIR in the bottom of the oven...can you believe it?? I have got a sort of non-stick sheet I bought from Lakeland limited that goes on the bottom of the oven and catches all the spills; that really does make oven cleaning a lot easier!

Jenny said...

Every time you talk about how little health care assistance you get I just shake my head in disbelief. While sometimes I think in this country we take it too far in the other direction, the neglect you are experiencing is just mind-boggling. Though I think the care is getting from you is thousands of times better than what he'd get from a "professional" health care worker.

Women on the Verge said...


You and Mick are truly an inspiration to me... I hope you'll pop over because Lucy and I have a little something for you as our way of showing appreciation for sharing you lives with us.


mrsnesbitt said...

My oven is the same Ruth! I will if you will! LOL!

Sending you hugsxxxxx
p.s. have been looking at your garden, what a haven, inspired me to start a garden blog! LOL!

Libbys Blog said...

I admire your strength Ruth. You are a truely lovely person. {{hugs}}