Thursday, March 01, 2007


Had a bit of a worrying evening/night last night. Mick didn't really rouse at all not even for dinner. Not even a tiny peek when I spoke to him or put the TV on. Of course in my mind when this happens I hear "another stroke" or, worse still "the dreaded coma"........I blogged a little; surfed a little; paced a lot. One half of me not wanting to make a noise to disturb him; the other half wanting to bang and crash about and wake him up. This morning came round......I was sure he'd wake early.....hunger if nothing else would make him open his eyes. 7am....still nothing. Wrote a post for M.M.L.M.G......blogger played me up...Grrrr! Still no sign of Mick waking. Phoned my Dad........8am...still nothing. Made a start on getting the bedrooms ready for the weekend visitors. It's a long process this as it's a case of ...put on 1 quilt cover...go down check Mick......put on another quilt cover....go down check Mick...etc. etc. My "Hostest with the Mostest" days are long gone ironed bedding for a start the Lady Haversham* look truly taking my life over??? Manda popped in on her way to work...still Mick hadn't roused. 8.45am.......9am......9.15am......9.30am Mick had a big yawn opened his eyes WIDE...looked about and licked his lips.


Mick then ate every scrap of his breakfast, stayed awake while I dressed him, sat in his wheelchair out in the garden..(forgot to mention it's been a glorious sunny day)....HAPPY BLUE SKIESstayed awake looking out of the window while I prepared lunch. I put the vase of flowers Talj & Andrew got us on the window sill in the direction Mick was looking......I wanted him to see the Stargazer lilies that are now opening.gotta gaze at a stargazer

He managed some lunch and then went back to sleep. I've finished doing the bedrooms now; typically just when I'd made enough "moving" space around all the plant pots up there the Tena delivery came.....I've had to put the boxes in the garage. Just about found enough space! I think that this weekend as Steve is going to be here I'll ask him to help me move a few things about in there so that I can have some access; so many things I'll need for the Summer garden are at the back!. NO ROOM FOR A CARI know Lynn will sit with her dad while we do it. I hate asking Steve to help...he works hard enough at home but my last 2 efforts on my own (with Mick sitting in the wheelchair beside the garage) have ended in near catastrophe. Once I got wedged under the FULL compost tumbler when it fell over on me; how I struggled from under the weight of it I'll never know. The second time the stair gate we use to keep Max (dog) out of the garden (he's a bit of a digger) fell on my foot which then ballooned up and I could hardly walk for a week....this meant no trips out for Mick & I at that time. I know Steve won't mind though especially if there's a Roast Beef dinner at the end of it. On Sunday night I'll do Chicken for Leanne and co when they stay; can't go wrong with chicken for children! Desserts for both days I've not even thought about yet! Hopefully inspiration will hit me tomorrow. I won't make Mick an actual Birthday much as he loves cake I know he'll prefer a scrummy dessert.
*anyone not familiar with my "Lady Haversham Look" click HERE and HERE.

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talj said...

My Dear Ruth, First of all {{{HUGE HUGS}}} from me to you and Mick! Sounds like you had a stress filled evening and morning. I am so glad that Mick roused to enjoy his breakfast! The flowers are looking beautiful! So BIG! I can almost smell them from here, it's nice how well they are lasting! I hope that you and Steve manage to get everything you need sorting out and if I could hobble to yours I'd be there for roast beef this weekend!! ;o)

Much love to you both xxx

Claire said...

No wonder you where worried, thank goodness it was just a great big sleep!
He was just waiting for a yummy breakfast.
I don't envy you and the garage task!
Don't you dare do it without help!

georgine said...

Dear Ruth, How wonderful to meet you and Mick and your family and friends. I've found you thru "Women on the Verge" who I found thru "Buckdog" who I found thru "the Galloping Beaver". Woman ot Verge are based in the US and are a great blog and Buck and GB are Canadian as am I.

Tho I am on the wet coast of BC and while reading thru your posts I could completely relate to your weather reports and how sometimes seeing a tree in sunlight is like seeing a tree for the first time all over again. My husband is from NY and thinks I'm a bit wiggy when I stop and take pics of blue sky holes. But hey, we don't get them so often, they are special.

I do want to say that I think that you are among one of the bravest, strongest, truest women I have even had the honour to be introduced to (if only indirectly via blog (check out Ruth, leave a msg and help them make a few £). Then I explored your blogs.

Thank you Ruth. You say you're blogging for yourself but you are also doing so much good for so many others too. Maybe I will be brave enough to start one soon too.

Anyway... It actually snowed here this morning! ok...just a dusting and it's gone now and the sun is out but honestly. It is supposed to stay on the mountians. That's why we have them right here.

And I'm guessing Mick slept in 'cause he ate and drank (and BM'd) so well the day before. Just too comfortable:) I hope anyway.

I'm sorry you were so worried. All my best to you and all of yours.


Gene Bach said...

Hey, that room looks like my garage. Maybe their twins! LOL!

RUTH said...

talj; you're welcome any time!
claire; promise I'll get help!
georgine; thanks for dropping by. I do hope you start a blog; it'd be great to blogmeet you properly.
gene; so glad I'm not the only one
[[hugs]] to you all

Audrey said...

So glad Mick was just having an extra long lie in..I can imagine it was stressful...Love the Lady Haversham look

Im working this weekend, any roast beef left overs more than welcome,just imagining the smell right here right now.

Dont you work too hard in that

Seriously have a lovely weekend with your family Ruth...enjoy!!!!
Maybe get some more of that lovely sunshine.....I hope so x

AnalĂ­a said...

I've been seeting here in silence, reading what you wrote all these days I was gone,and each of the comments you got.I wonder what I can add that hasn't been said.
This fase I'm going through keeps me away from the PC. Every time I get closer to it, a feeling of desperation makes me shiver because,you know, the internet is where I lived and said goodbye to the love of my life. However, no matter how far I am from here, when I think of you and Mick I know I have a reason to come back and fight. I see you as my big sister, and sometimes I become selfish thinking that you will understand if I don't come, but I know I have left you alone for a long while and you don't deserve it. YOU HAVE BEEN THERE FOR ME since the very first day we met. You are in my heart every single day and as georgine said, you blog for yourself but you do so much good on others like me. My sister is an angel and I thank God for let me meeting you.
Yes, I'm a litle emotional today, but I think it is because I'm so proud of you Ruth. Sometimes I don't know If I come here for you or for me, the truth is there's no place in this www that makes me feel so at home.

I wish I could take away at least one of your worries when Mick doesn't eat or he sleeps too much. I know it's impossible, but if only....

As Claire said, don't you dare move anything in you garage alone!!
We need you healthy and Mick more than any of us, ok?
I love you my friend.

Icarus said...

If we do not emote, reading the post, then we do not have enough humanity. If I didn't emote as I have done, reading the post, then I would have the proof that something has gone seriously wrong inside me, and I wouldn't want to
be that person.
However, I read every word on the end of my chair, visualising & feeling what that did to you and trancending the physical space between this room and your house as if there was no space or distance. I would gladly travel that distance in person. i would very willingly give the both of you all the help I have it in me to give you. And I would eat the chicken, the roast beef (I'd cook it too, if you'd let me!) or a cheese sandwich, just for the privilege of being there and DOING SOMETHING!
I would echo also some of what Analia has written above.
Honestly, that's what I feel. Be calm, Ruth and watchful. May all the days ahead be better days. May Mick rest well because he needs the rest, to give himself the strength to give you everything only he can.
With all the love I have in my heart for you, SXXXXXXXXXXXX

RUTH said...

I really don't know how to answer all these wonderful comments. You are all very special people to me and if you only knew how much your kind and loving words keep me going. I know that each of you has your own burdens and sadness that you carry with you and I wish so much that I could do more for each and every one of you. I am so lucky to have you all in my life....
I cherish our friendship and love you all.....I so wish Mick could blogmeet you all too.

Women on the Verge said...

Oh Ruth.. I wish I could physically be there to help you. I remember watching my grandfather take care of my grandmother as you're taking care of Mick. He's always been a hero to me because of it.. now I have two heroes...