Friday, March 30, 2007


Yesterday was the complete opposite of Wednesday on so many different levels. It was one of those "didn't really get light" days from start to finish. The skies were grey and we had quite a lot of rain (the garden needed it) and the temperature seemed to have dropped a good 10C. Mick hardly woke up all day and until 11pm last night had hardly eaten a thing. Far different from the "often waking" Mick of the day before! I try not to let days like this worry me; after all that fresh air Wednesday and then the gloominess of yesterday I felt pretty tired myself!

Manda had a pretty stressful day at work and was in a "kick butt" mood and I needed something to get my adrenalin going so we decided to have a change around in the bedrooms. We had intended to do it in the Easter Holidays but yesterday the "time was right". Talj is coming to visit in May....YIPPEE....and I want to give her a little more "moving" space in her bedroom; the last thing she needs is to be tripping up over all our rubbish antiques! Well, even with popping up and downstairs to check on Mick we had within just over an hour moved 2 children's beds into the other bedroom (three beds in there now), put a "proper" bed in Talj's room, moved loads of junk (actually lots of stuff that would usually be in our living room), moved excess storage units into other rooms, put a small sofa into Talj's room and hoovered!!!!
As I said previously Mick didn't really eat much until 11pm when he managed 2 bowls of Semolina; I went to bed a lot happier after that.
That's pretty much it for yesterday except that most of the day this van was parked outside our house. I'm not sure who the lucky people are who are having a disabled shower put in but wish it was us!

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Claire said...

Hey even with the crap weather you still managed to accomplish a lot and i know talj will appreciate all this effort, although she will probably tell you off for doing it.
I wish you hadn't mentioned semolina, it makes me want to vom, then again if mick likes it i will let you off!
I will second you on that disabled shower!

talj said...

I do wish you could have a disabled shower! That day at the B&B was the BEST for me!I haven't enjoye a shower so much in years lol They did offer me one but my landlord says no :o(

Shame about the weather yesterday, not looking much better here today! Hope Mick manages a little more food today and that you both have a nice day :o) {{{HUGE HUGS}}} xxx

Audrey said...

phew Ruth I got tired just reading how much you accomplished, it can be very theraputic though....a very real sense of achievement...Its just so injust that you dont have a disabled shower installed, I dont know if the will listen if you tried again, but Mick deserves the very best, having worked hard and paid his way.....he deserves it no matter what and you do, given your wonderful care of him....its so infuriating.

Hope the sun shines today for you both

RUTH said...

I'm afraid the "they" who decide these things wouldn't even put in a ramp or a stair lift. Had to fight for the wheelchairs!

CG said...

Wow, you did get a lot done, didn't you???

I actually like semolina!!!

It seems so unfair you can't get the disabled shower. I just don't understand things sometimes. I can see why some people go into politics as it seems the only way to change things...being with T in her chair made me realise just how hard it is for wheelchair users to get about even with all the improvements to access.

Claire said...

'they' who decide SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On another note, where did you get your ramp from?

RUTH said...

The small ramp (for one step height) I FINALLY persuaded the Occupationl Therapy (the THEY) to let me have so I could get Mick into the back garden. The one that we used to use to get out the front (until I could move plants etc from the back garden to make the back gate accessible - we-d blocked it to make more room for plants) was MADE by Steve our son-in-law!!!)