Sunday, March 11, 2007


Well I didn't clean, but we didn't sit in the garden either. It was such a warm day that I thought we'd take a walk. I text Manda to see if she fancied anything from the shops and she text back "Do you fancy a walk to town?". With Mick still having Birthday money to spare..(hee hee).. what else could I do but say "YES!".
Mick in his "ORANGE" (Valentine's Day present) t-shirt.......
I said I'd put it on him when I thought the weather was warm enough.

We waited outside for Manda & to print this photo so Talj & Andrew will recognise which house is ours when they visit. Do you remember I said the council cut down the tree in blossom, well this is what's left of it.

but at least on our way to town we saw these!
And some pussy willow........a sure sign of Spring. It was a fabulous walk into town and so WARM....I was glad I hadn't put a big coat on Mick!

By the time we got into town, Mick's Birthday money was really starting to burn a hole in my ...oops sorry meant to say...Mick's pocket...LOL

so I Mick had to buyLeo


Percy Pot

Solar Lights

and a pressy for his wonderful wife!

After spending all that money poor Mick was worn out by the time we got home; he just about managed a quick bowl of trifle before he dozed off.

No dozing for me though; I've a Sunday Roast to cook...and I must remember to put the rest of Mick's money somewhere safe (yes there's still some left).....I wonder what I'll HE'LL spend the rest on?

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Claire said...

Another lovely day Ruth, whats that rice gizmo?
I wish you could of seen me scramble up a waterfall yesterday, now that would of made you laugh.

RUTH said...

A potato ricer Claire. Will pop over & see how many miles you've done.

CG said...

You certainly bought some great stuff today Ruth!! Are those potato ricers good? The weeds are popping up all over my rockery...I'm hoping it is fine tomorrow so i can attack them :)

talj said...

What a lovely day Ruth!! Mick certainly knows how to spend, spend, spend! ;o) What a mess the council made of that lovely tree :o( Glad to see you managed to spot a little blossom elsewhere though! :o) And thanks for the photo of the house....think you were right...we made need to use the tradesmans entrance ;o)

{{{BIG HUGS}}} xx

RUTH said...

Oh I didn't buy anything CG...Mick did! Always fancied a potato ricer but never tried one... will let you know how it goes. Good luck with the weather & the weeding.

RUTH said...

Hi Talj; tradesman entrance shall be renamed "Princess T" entrance in your honour.

Sheila said...

Mick is a canny shopper, and made some good buys.
I hope he got the biggest bowl of trifle for being so generous with you...!
I bet you are excited about Talj's visit, make sure it is all documented so we can all be a part of it..!

AnalĂ­a said...

Hello Ruth, before writing my post about today I decided to pay a visit to you. It seems it was a wonderful day for you and Mick and that you bought many good things for your garden. I loved the pictures.... and Mick,that colour looks great on him, godd choice :)! Did Manda have a good time too? Please send her kisses.
I wish you many beautiful days like this Sunday.
Love Ani.

Pat said...

Ruth, what a wonderful shopping expedition you and Mick had and "he" made some great choices! ;)

I have a potato ricer. And I love it. Best used with "floury potatoes" and not "sticky" ones.

I remember one day we had a friend from Barbados visiting us and I riced all the potatoes and Dean asked, "What's this?" and Jack so quickly said, "Irish rice!"

And he believe Jack!

You'll enjoy it.

RUTH said...

Sheila; I'm going to have to get over my "camera shyness" by Saturday.
Analia; it was a great weekend and Manda DID enjoy it and sends x's back to you
Pat;A great memory of Jack; thanks for the "floury" potato tip.