Thursday, March 08, 2007


  • The warmth of sunshine on winter bleached skin

  • The soft low rumble of mating frogs

  • The gentle lapping of rippling water

  • The lonesome song of a love lorn sparrow in a naked tree

  • The gentle hum of a solitary bee

  • The perfume of the hyacinth wafting on a gentle breeze

  • The sweet taste on sticky lips of strawberry ice

Close your eyes;

imagine those words;

feel them deep within your soul.

Thank have just spent the morning with Ruth & Mick

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Icarus said...

Wow, first twice in 5 minutes! But I can't keep up with you, as I'm still dealing with the 'you' of 2 posts ago....I must tell you that I am much more content with and for this you than the other. All those words - reinforced by their pictures - add up to one enormous simplicity. And one gigantic wealth. Just drink/lick it all up. And may there be more of the same or similar tomorrow & tomorrow &...SXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Ruby in Bury said...

Thank you! Lovely tranquil moment, and I love your photos x

talj said...

What a lovely day you have had!! Thank you for little me spend it with you!!! :o) {{{BIG HUGS}}} to you both xx

Audrey said...

Thank you!!! and what a beautiful morning it was Ruth, have to say Ive never heard the soft low rumble of mating frogs.......must get out more perhaps......LOL

Wishing you lots more of that sunshine

x Auds

Claire said...

How poetic and very tranquil!

CG said...

How lovely, ruth xxx