Thursday, March 15, 2007


Another fantastic warm, sunny day yesterday; though Manda says the "rumour mill" at school is that this weather is going to disappear come next week and that more SNOW could be on the way! Don't even want to think about that.
Mick's had rather a "cloggy" throat with quite a lot of mucus build up. I THINK it's the effect of having his bowels open so much at the moment; the two seem to go together.It took him somewhat longer to eat his breakfast because of this but it all went down in the end. Then it was another case of "on with the suncream" and out we went. We only popped over to the nearby shops where we had to buy

and then Mick sat in the front pathway while I did a little gardening and tidying up of the front garden. Once upon a time Mick & I would dread trying to work in the front garden as we'd just get stuck into a job when one of the neighbours would come along and start chatting for ages........and all we wanted to do was get on with the project in hand! Things are much different now since we've become the "unclean" and apart from one "grunt" I was able to get on with no interruptions. As they say "every cloud has a silver lining"...not that we saw any clouds today!

I was very tempted to take a photograph of the neighbour who gets the free car because of his severe disability; he did very well sorting out his garden...weeding, shovelling and fence mending with no walking stick in sight!

Talking of transport; I've managed to book the special wheel chair carrying transport so that Mick & I can go to Homebase during the school Easter Holidays. I'm really pleased as it means that Manda will be able to come with the 11th April is marked in the calendar......fingers crossed for good weather........and I may be tempted to spend some of my own Birthday money...though it will be in "anticipation" as my birthday's not until a few days after.

All this gardening and fresh air the last few days has made me feel a lot more tired in the a GOOD way...and last night I was in bed before midnight for a change. Silly thing is I felt more sleepy this morning than I usually do.....and could have been very tempted to snuggle down for another half an hour. I was glad I did get up though as it gives me a chance to get myself sorted before Mick wakes, to read any emails that have come in during the night and to write this post.
And the weather this morning..........well I'm not sure what it means when a cloud is a picture of a man with a mushroom as a nose!

Is it just me or can you see it too??

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CG said...

Nice to see Mick in the sunshine in the front garden, Ruth. It made me ashamed to hear you've become "the unclean". I would have liked to think that neighbours would have rallied round to help or at least continued to be friendly! I suppose it's that old thing that people think misfortune is catching and they steer clear. {{HUGS}} from me, anyway, to you both.

talj said...

What a lovely day!! I hope you haven't eaten ALL the ice cream....that means you too Mick....I'll be having words on Saturday ;o)

I agree with what CG has said above about misfortune being catching, it's very sad when people suddenly 'disappear', speaking from experience!! If it weren't for CG, Andrew and people I met via photography forums online I'd have had no one to talk to .

I think it just comes down to the fact that people just don't know what to say, so they say nothing at all! But I'm sure we both know, thats the wrong answer!!

Ruth, in my opinion, those who step up once you have become the "unclean" are worth a thousand times more than those who just walk on by.

{{{BIG EXITED HUGS}}} to you and Mick xxx

Audrey said...

Ive got everything crossed for good weather not only for the 11th but for this weekend and that snow is forecast will be just a rumour, that your able to continue enjoying the sunshine and your garden.
Its very sad that your neighbours are so shallow that they cant dig deep enough to find a "Hello Ruth", if nothing else, from within awful! I think it makes the friends who walk into our lives and stay, flesh and bone that doesnt turn away when it truly matters all the more valuable and meaningful, they are the ones that matter.

As for the cloud Ruth...could mean their is a funghi (fun guy) coming your way, bringing smiles and laughter your way. Enjoy your visit!!!, Doing a happy dance for sunshine


RUTH said...

Thanks all and at least I've all of you to chat too!! (((hugs))) and Auds what a great play on words...LOL!!!!

Sheila said...

I'm drooling here...three choices of cake, and ice creams..We can't get those ice creams here, and 99's were always my favourite.
I hope you make ginger, it's my favourite, wish I was visiting too.
I don't know what to say about your neighbours, other than to say I pity them. They obviously never learned the true meaning of friendship.
I hope the weather holds up for your outing, I'll cross my fingers for you. lawn is clear of snow, as of today and I can actually see the daffs in the back border are up about 2inches..!

CG said...

It's those shallow neighbours who lose out! i think I'm so lucky to have "met" Ruth and Mick via BlogLand and would consider myself very lucky indeed to have them both as neighbours!!

Claire said...

Your neighbours suck! i like speaking American sometimes.
But their loss is our gain.
And i can definitely see a man with a mushroom nose, tis very strange.

Pat said...

Awwww... Ruth

Don't think twice about these neighbours. I think we all have some like this.

As CG says, I'd be honoured to have you and Mick as my neighbour! Wow! You could sit on my swing on the deck. That was Jack's and I have such happy times now sitting out there thinking of him sitting there too.

Haven't made my ginger cake yet! Have to get past this weekend first and then I'm going to do it.

I love ginger so much!