Monday, March 19, 2007


What strange weather we had yesterday; all four seasons rolled into one. This photo was taken at 4.15 in the afternoon! I was so glad that the weather was better on Saturday or there would have been no chance to sit outside with Talj and Andrew, as along with the snow and hail was a terrific thunder and lightening storm. Since Mick became ill I've often felt that impending thunderstorms have a bad effect on him; yesterday was no exception........a few hours before the storm started...while the skies were still sunny and blue...Mick had a very frightening coughing and choking fit. His new patch is not due until tonight so it wasn't a case of it having "worn off".....he brought up so much mucus and was really fighting to catch his breath. I don't think he has had a choking fit like that since we started him on the patches. It really knocked him out and he slept very deeply for a quite a few hours afterwards. He did manage to eat some dinner last night but today he has eaten no breakfast and has only woken for brief episodes. I have just managed to get a yogurt down him but he wasn't really relishing it.......I've said it before I know, but I'm sure these coughing fits bring about a minor stroke as it always seems to take him a few days to recover from them.
Otherwise Mother's Day was lovely except for a slight mishap with the Mother In Law's I don't mean MY tongue........I mean the plant in the took on a life of its own yesterday and threw itself off the cabinet on to the floor!.....I'm glad it didn't do it on Saturday....can you imagine Talj's and Andrew's faces if they'd walked into this mess!!!!!

Not much else has happened except Talj emailed and said she will try and get down again in May. YIPEE! It will be lovely if she/they could come and stay.........I may be able to palm some spare plants off on her for her balcony as hopefully!!!! by then the risk of frost will be all but over.

Just as I was typing that last paragraph it has started snowing again....yet the sun is shining.....WEIRD!!!!

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talj said...

{{{BIG HUGS}}} for you Ruth and {{{EXTRA BIG HUGS}}} for Mick xx I hope the effects of Mick's coughing soon wear off and that he manages to eat some dinner. Thinking of you both today, if you need me I'm always at the other end of the phone :o)

I'm going to talk to Andrew tonight to see if we can work something out for May....I have a little plan but might need to speak nicely to my 'driver' ;o)

It's been lovely and sunny here today :o) I have collected my new glasses and am now wandering around the flat trying to see just what a difference they make with different things lol

Must get my blog posted shortly!! I'll pop back later {{{HUGE HUGS}}} xxx

Analía said...

Grrrrrrr all my comment vanished!! Anyway, I was just saying that I was sorry Mick had such reaction with the storm. That's it, no more storm allowed in England!! Is he doing better now? I hope so. At least I read he coud manage eating something.
I guess my post disappeared because I said something like: the plant fell down to remind you that you were speaking too much LOL Mother's in law tongue...DANGER!! Just kidding :)
Talj and Andrew, nice to meet you guys! I love the pictures you posted Ruth, In a way,I feel like everybody here spent last Saturday with you.
Ok, I'll press publish now, let's see if I'm lucky this time.
Lots of love

Analía said...

Yessssssssssss I did it!!! yes yes yes LOL

CG said...

I hope Mick gets over the coughing fit soon soon, Ruth xxxx

LZ Blogger said...

WOW! Sounds like the weather here in the Midwest of the U.S.A. ~ jb///

Jackie said...

Hope Mick is OK.

Wow that dark in the afternoon!! Anyone would think you were in Alaska not Suffolk. Your weather appears to really be going haywire.