Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Mick managed to eat his dinner last night though it took quite a long time and struggled with his breakfast. It really is a domino effect as the less he eats and drinks the more sleepy he gets and "ERGO" the less he WANTS to eat and drink.
We definitely won't be venturing out today as its perishing! and we have snow on the ground with more forecast. Ron and Brenda were due to visit but as the road conditions are bad they are giving it a miss. Although it's a shame as they haven't been down for a while we do have a silver lining moment....."all the more Bakewell Tart for us!".......LOL
Good news too re: Talj's next visit. She is going to come down on her birthday (1st May) and stay with us until the weekend. Loads of time for some proper chatting! Andrew has to work during the week so after dropping her off will have to return to his own home but hopefully he will be able to stay over on the Friday night and have a meal with us before taking Talj home on the Saturday......laden with a few plants for Talj's balcony I hope!.....as long as this weather improves and I can get some potting on done!
Oh I see a glimmer of sunshine outside....I know more snow is forecast so I think I'll pop out and pick a few of the flattened daffodils and hyacinths to bring indoors........they will be a nice reminder for Mick that Spring is supposed to be on its way.
Before I sign off .....don't forget to check out the Prints for Rose online shop; new prints are being added all the time. What a lovely Easter gift one of these prints would be and so much less fattening than an Easter Egg!

Calories in a Creme Egg (39g): 174kcal

Calories in a Print for Rose: 0kcal

Also if you can think of any fundraising ideas or you know anyone who may like to sponsor Talj and Andrew for the Britball Run I know The Team Smarties would love to hear from you!!! Thinking caps on please!

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talj said...

So glad Mick managed his dinner last night and really hope that he gets stuck into his grub today :o) {{{HUGS}}} to the old fella from me :o)

Now, get that snow cleared away....especially as it may well benefit my balcony lol :o)

I'm so glad we were able to arrange a meeting again sooner rather than later and even more pleased that we'll get a bit of 'gossip' time! :o)

Thanks also to you for your efforts on behalf of Team SMARTies and in memory of Rose. A great idea for Easter gifts! I am certainly going to think about this myself and will make a post in my blog today too!! Think I'll pinch your creme egg idea!! :o)

Much love and {{{HUGE HUGS}}} xxxxx

Icarus said...

What a welcome to Spring, eh?
I HATE SNOW! There, I've said it. Even here, we have the tip of that Arctic front, so it's much cooler, with an annoying wind.
Of course, it's important that Mick takes in at least the minimum nourishment he needs, but it must be really disheartening for you that he also needs to sleep so much, but then he's not missing anything fabulous if it's cold and snowy wet outside, I guess. He has to concentrate on blossoming with the real spring when it arrives.

CG said...

What a lovely plan, am sure you will all have a wonderful visit!

Gene Bach said...

Rotten snow anyway! I hope you get some decent weather soon. I hate being cooped up indoors.

Audrey said...

Its perishing here too Ruth......brrrrrrrrrr. You must be so looking forward to another visit from Talj, thankfully there should be sunshine by then.

Hope Micks appetite picks up again soon x

Claire said...

Cant believe you have that much snow, its just rotten here and absolutely bloody freezing!
Very glad Mick ate his dinner, also glad you have not ventured outside in that. Although pictures of you doing snow angels would be fun!
Good news on talj birthday visit.
Will put my thinking hat on for money spinners.