Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Mick's body clock not having adjusted to daylight saving, it was almost half past nine before he properly woke up yesterday. It was a glorious Spring day out side and by the time he'd eaten (most of) his breakfast and was washed and dressed it was 11.30. As he was having his kitchenshower I would have normally left him on his bed so that he didn't get over taxed; but it was so lovely outside we just had to sit in the garden. I sat him for a while next to one of his "babies" as the first of it's flowers was coming out, the frost had caught it a little but hopefully as the rest come out they will look better. All of the acid lovers have been Mick's responsibility in the past; a local radio programme once said that Rhododendrons couldn't be grown successfully in Sudbury soil...they hadn't reckoned on Mick's TLC! The responsibility for them is mine now...I hope I can do as well.
Mick, being the gentleman he is, gallantly ate one of these;
I've run out of plant labels and need lolly sticks urgently!
Mick didn't manage any lunch but then he didn't finish his breakfast until after 10am. He had time for a rest on his bed before his shower; I changed the dressing on his chest and am really pleased at how well the pressure area is healing. Far better than I expected considering the fact that his wrist is continuously applying pressure on it. I've also managed to bandage his hand with some padding so hopefully that will improve too.
Once again we had a glorious sunset and the sun was blood red; all you "real" photographers out there........how do I take a photo of a RED sun...the sun just comes out WHITE?

The weather forecast looks good for today too; we may go for a walk. I'll see how Mick seems when he wakes up.

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talj said...

Morning Ruth and Mick! :o) Great to see you had a nice day and that Mick's new pad is working well!

Lovely sunset too! We'll have a play around with cameras on my next visit...I'm sure we'll learn a thing or too!! :o)

Love and {{{HUGE HUGS}}} xxx

CG said...

I'm sure T will help you a lot with your photography. Mick looks very peaceful. Hope you have a lovely day!

Libbys Blog said...

I saw that lovely sunset too!! The camera was to far away though!!!

Icarus said...

You could manually adjust your white balance for the sun. Alternatively, try a different pre-set program. Do you have 'dusk' or sunset? I was better at those things with film cameras, controlling everything manually. My Portuguese sunsets with digital tend to be too red and glaring, like it's on Mars sometimes. Like me.