Friday, March 16, 2007


This week has flown by......though yesterday was a bit of a comedy of errors.....I won't go into it again as I posted about it over on M.M.L.M.G. I never managed to get Mick outside at all but luckily today looks like another sunny one so will definitely be spending some time in the garden and this afternoon I must make the Chocolate cake (it won the poll) but there is "almost" Ginger cake already made (see M.M.L.M.G. for explanation of the "almost") and Mick will be having his kitchen/shower all ready for our SPECIAL visitors tomorrow. Lynn will also be here and on Sunday Leanne & co are coming over so quite a fun filled weekend ahead.
Hopefully I'll find 5 minutes to spare to visit the new online shop ;the PRINTS FOR ROSE STORE to check out the images available as prints!All prints in the store have been donated by various photographers from around the world. Langdon and Drew are waiving the 'DPC fees' from now till the end of August which means ALL the profits from sales of each print will be donated to the Clatterbridge Cancer Campaign in memory of Rose.More photographs will be added next week. You can also buy prints from Jennifer Price and Mike Owens with all profits for sales between March and August 2007 going to Rose's Tribute Fund.
Well must dash, lots to do and


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talj said...

Well, it's all go here! I will be leaving in a couple of hours and am VERY exited!!!! :o) Thanks for the prints plug, greatly appreciated. We only have about 15 prints up so far but I have 5 more pending approval and I will be adding my kitchen series next week once we have compiled it, don't expect to sell many prints but will work extra hard next week in 'spreading the word'.

Well, enjoy your day!! Don't even think about touching a duster! Hope Mick enjoys his kitchen shower and SEE YOU TOMORROW!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! :o)

{{{{{EXTRA BIG EXITED HUGS}}}}} for you and Mick :o) xx

CG said...

Have almost decided what prints to buy :)

Am sure you'll have a lovely visit with A & T. They are two really incredible people. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow.
{{HUGS}} all round xx

Claire said...

The photos are beautiful and well worth a look. Talj works so bloody hard at this campaign.
I really hope you have a great time this weekend.

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hi Ruth!
Hasn't it been lovely here lately? I wish the bright sunny days could last longer.... anyway, are you prepared for the snow next week? Keep warm and enjoy it from inside!