Friday, March 09, 2007


I'm sure you've gathered from yesterday's post that it was a fabulous day. I can't remember the last time Mick & I spent so much time out in the garden. How he enjoyed that ice-cream! After lunch I took him back inside and put him on his bed. Although he slept on and off while we were outside it's not the most comfortable sitting position to be in for any length of time. If the weather continues to improve I may have to get the other wheelchair out of the garage.

This is a photo of Mick sunbathing in it at the end of July last year

It's a heavy, cumbersome one and a lot more difficult to get Mick into but it does TIP BACKWARDS a little and is much better for just sitting in; though quite impractical to use if we are out walking.
He ate really well at dinner time. Mick enjoys spicy foods like curries and as we were spending time in the garden I wanted to make a "one pot, stick in the oven and forget" dinner. I had some Lamb Shanks and with some red wine and lots of spices made a Morrocan type dish. It went down really well with Mick and he even managed to finish off some of the Bread & Butter pudding left from lunchtime. I'm hoping some of those spices may cause some bowel movement as my "Movicol in jelly" trick hasn't had any success.

Now for some really exciting news. I received an email for Talj last night asking if she and Andi could come and VISIT us on the 17th! What a fabulous request for them to make. Talj does have health problems of her own so to make the journey to see us is absolutely amazing!
Image hosting This was my initial reaction.
Manda was here when I received the email and she soon saw my reaction turn to this

She was quite bemused and asked what the problem was. I opened Talj's blog and showed her the photo of Talj and Andi in Talj's living room. A lovely CLEAN sofa; bookshelves that looked like DUST was a foreign would they cope with my Lady Haversham look!!!! I emailed Talj back and told her of my concerns.....she was a sweetheart and told me not to worry and (to quote her) said......"don't even think about busying yourself with any cleaning before we arrive!!!! ".....OK Talj if you insist!!!......LOL. Just one warning....don't sneeze or the whole of Suffolk could end up looking like this!

This morning has been bright and sunny but somewhat cooler than yesterday; the wind seems quite Northerly, so we only had a short spell outside. It's the first day of Mick's newest patch and he is always sleepier on these days anyway.

“May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true!”

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talj said...

LOL at that dust cloud Ruth!! You'll be pleased to hear that Andrew was over moon when I told him about your house:o) Andi has a path 'dug out' from his computer desk to the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and the sofa...the rest of the floor....erm....I'm not sure there is one ;o) LOL

Great to hear you and Mick were able to spend so much time outside, it is lovely and sunny here today so I hope you are out enjoying it now :o)

Oh and....we have LOTS to talk about!!! Get your thinking cap on....I will take a photo of my balcony before we visit and I would LOVE some ideas about plants I could put out there :o) I'd like to have some colour to look at instead of the brewery! :o)

{{{BUG HUGS}}} and cant wait for the 17th!! :o)xx

AnalĂ­a said...

It's really good to hear you are having visits soon. I've read what talj writes to you everyday and I feel she and her husband are great people. It seems that all your days without face to face conversations are ending Ruth!!! I'm really happy for all of you...and a little jealous, too! I'm savouring all the delicious dishes I know you'll prepare!LOL
Now, about the Lady Haversham look...don't worry my Ruth, they are coming to meet a good friend, they'll visit you because they love you and Mick a lot and I'm sure that's all that matters to them, isn't it?

Icarus said...

Ruth & Talj, is this going to be your first meeting with a blog-friend (rather than someone you knew before)?
I have met two in person and both times it didn't disappoint. Of course it's a whole different dimension, with the real human touch. Of course, it's usually only possible when the distance allows, which will always preclude most. But in your cases, it's bound to be something really special & unique and it's just wonderful that you all have something like this to look forward to. Bestest SXXXXX

CG said...

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful visit. T and I met via the Internet and we're still friends LOL.
Hope to see lots of photos.

Jenny said...

I'm so glad that you will be meeting some blog friends in real life - I don't think I've yet had the chance since most live half a world away! (I have gotten to know some other friends I met online through lists - it was a true pleasure!)

Gene Bach said...

Hey Ruth, great post as always!

I have something for you over on my blog...stop by and check it out.


talj said...

LOL @ Analia's comment! Andi and I aren't married....far from it.....he'd drive me crazy ;o) Just the best of friends....thought I better set the record straight lol :o) Can't wait for the 17th! :o)

RUTH said...

It is going to be exciting; really looking forward to it. Talj; there was I thinking Analia knew something I didn'

katherine. said...

what a great blog! I found you by way of Gene...and I will be back.

Audrey said...

You must be so excited by the thought of meeting Talj and Andi, Enjoy your day together Im sure it will be for the cowebs..a spider spent many, many hours creating that specially for your guests, gifts of
Well thats what I tell folks.

Im sure youll be too busy enjoying each others company to care on the day. Lol just loved the picture of the dust cloud xxx Auds

Claire said...

This is exciting, i am actually jealous!

RUTH said...

Claire; put on those hiking boots and join us!!!

Ecce said...

Hi Ruth, am looking forward to the 17th, am not sure if T told you but I wanted to pop over and suprise you for Mick's birthday but my inability to fit a computer to the car meant I couldn't. I'll always have a place in my heart for Miss Haversham and that lived in look ;)

T has always presented me with a pristine home, thats T but I'd be upset if we visited and saw anything different to how you are ;)

I'm especially looking forward to nipping into the garden for a quick fag (so we can talk about T lol).

RUTH said...

ecce; you are going to feel right at home here; looking forward to our garden chat too....though it may be a two fag stint!