Friday, March 02, 2007


PHEW....what a busy day. The sun has shone beautifully since first light but unusually for us we haven't been out in it at all! There's just not been the time!
Mick woke up with no problems this morning and after breakfast I gave him a bit of a bed bath and a shave. Got to have him clean and fresh for his Birthday weekend visitors. This all took quite a while and I also changed a few of the cushion dressings that help protect him from pressure sores. The most awkward one is the one on his chest; where his left arm clenches in so tightly. That little sticky out wrist bone bit (Pisiform to the medically educated) stands really proud and digs right into his chest just to the side of his left nipple. The sore area is quite open and I keep both that and the bone on his wrist covered to give a double cushion protection. Of course in order for me to take off the old dressing and put on a new one I have to really pull his arm away from his chest. This causes him a lot of pain....he really winces....but I talk to him the whole time...telling him how brave he is etc....and somehow he puts up with it. Pain can be very tiring and as much as I would loved for us to go outside it was obvious that Mick really needed to rest and sleep. Which is exactly what he did do.
I had plenty of work to do in the kitchen anyway. it's hot in the kitchenWith two sets of family visiting this weekend and roast dinners to cook both on Saturday & Sunday; any pre cooking I could get done was going to be well worth the effort. I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen for two days and some food items can easily be prepared beforehand and reheated with no detriment to their taste. That said; I spent the rest of the morning cooking cauliflower bake, carrot & swede mash, creamed leeks and prepped the parsnips. Of course I did gaze longingly out into the garden and every now and then would take a quick walk up to the back gate to............(actually to do nothing...just to enjoy the sun!). After a good lunch Mick fell back tos leep again and that gave me a chance to make the Black Cherry Upside Down Pud for dessert tomorrow...this reheats beautifully in the microwave and will go down well with some cream. Of course Sunday's veg etc will have to be done on Sunday (can't really cook that far in advance) but the Cherry Custard tart for dessert that day is already in the freezer so just needs defrosting. As you can probably guess Mick loves Black Cherries and will have no problems with having cherry desserts two days running.
If I don't get time to drop by and see you over the weekend......HAVE A GREAT ONE!

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talj said...

Glad you and Mick have had a nice day! Sounds like you got lots of lovely baking done...I think I need a food parcel ;o) LOL Hope you have a lovely weekend with your visitors! Looking forward to pictures! {{{BIG HUGS}}} xx

CG said...

Wow, you've been busy. Those cherry puds sound very moreish. Have a lovely weekend!!

AnalĂ­a said...

Oh busy friend, what a wonderful weekend Mick and you are going to spend with family and friends. What time should I get there? I'm already hungry after reading your post!! I guess your next post will be tired tired tired LOL but I hope that happy as well. Enjoy each minute of this birthday my friend and please cover Mick with kisses and hugs from me.
Consider these words please: leftovers, dhl, fedex, Uruguay Analia lol
Love Ani

Women on the Verge said...

Yum!!! Black cherries... the desserts sound divine... anything with cherries is good by me. I make sour cherry jam in the summer...

It sounds like you'll be having another happy and bustling weekend. I hope you and Mick enjoy yourselves immensely... and Ruth??? Could you save just a sliver of the desserts for me??????

Love to you both.

Audrey said...

Just love that song Ruth, its got a lovely light bounce to it, I imagine you busy and singing away in the kitchen.

Sounds like Mick is in for a real birthday treat this weekend...just perfect..

Did I read properly BLACK CHERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK CHERRY anything sounds good to me


Have the best weekend with your family Ruth

XXX Auds

Icarus said...

So it really is Mick's birthday weekend!......I have to do something.....errr...mmm...YES, I know what!

Deb said...

You are absolutely amazing. Make sure you take those little walks out to the gate each day in the sunshine...they're so important FOR YOU. Everyone should have someone so devoted to them - the world would surely be a better place. Enjoy the weekend - you both deserve it.