Thursday, March 08, 2007


Now I don't know if it's because of all the "hidden camera" TV programmes or whether I've just been lucky but once again I have received excellent service from a repairman. Back in January I had to call out a plumber and received efficient service; yesterday I called out a repairman for my dishwasher...same story! A few years ago the thought of having a dishwasher would have been completely alien to me but by a happy chance a relative was going to dump their old one as they had moved house and it wouldn't fit in their in their new kitchen. Mick (who hates washing up) said we'd see how we got on with one. Well it's one of those items you don't THINK you need but once you've had one you'd never be without it again. The "second hand" one lasted for about a year...the cost of repair versus the cost of a new one was almost equal so I bought a nice new model. What a boon it is....especially when we have lots of guests or if I'm having a cake bake standing over the kitchen sink for me any more.

In the past I've always been very wary of repair men...even Mick (a painter and decorator) would be wary, considering them all cowboys and conmen unless proved otherwise.

Mick ate really well again yesterday; I made cottage pie for him for dinner and he had eaten the lot and dessert by 7pm and hadn't started eating until 5.30. I'm being a bit sneaky with his desserts now; as he is refusing to drink I can't get any Movicol down him so Ive mixed it in with jelly that I've made. I'm not sure if it will work the same...only time will tell...but at least jelly is giving him a higher fluid intake albeit in a more solid form. I am sure the fact that the daylight hours are lengthening and that we are able to get more fresh air must help. Even just having the windows open if we haven't gone out makes the living room seem less claustrophobic.

and how lovely it is to get up early and by 6am being presented with view like this.
You may have noticed in my sidebar a couple of new links....The Team Smarties...Talj and Andrew have now got the website up and running for their fund raising efforts...please pop over and have a look at it. I am sure there will be plenty of regular updates. Speaking of Talj and Andrew do you remember those lovely flowers they sent Mick & I.......well they are still thriving! Admittedly the lilies and gerbera have had their day and I've taken them out and added a piece of Eucalyptus to add some height...but they are still looking good.

The new dressings for Mick's pressure area should be in later today; Manda popped in the chemists yesterday to check that the prescription had been sent up from the surgery; it had and it's just a case of them ordering the dressings in. I'm sure Mick will be a lot more comfortable once we've got these.

I hear Mick starting to rouse so I'm off to make some tea; only 6.40 so a nice early start. Fingers crossed I can tempt him with some this morning. Oh it does look like it's going to be a sunny day today......perhaps we will get to sit outside. I hope so.

Oh one more thing; Pat asked for the Ginger Cake recipe so I've sent her the link. If anyone else fancies cooking it click HERE.

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AnalĂ­a said...

Yesssssss, I got here before Claire!! (she always says before what I wanted to say!!, JUST KIDDING)
Well, a dishwasher? what's that? I wanna live in the first world please!! I have no option, my hands are my dishwasher, but I wonder if I can call a repairman anyway LOL a cute one of course, mmmm where is my phone?
What a nice view you had this morning!! Isn't it nice when you can open the windows and let the fresh air come?
I hope Mick and you enjoy the rest of the day and if it's possible, take a walk and smell the blooming flowers.

xoxoxox Ani

talj said...

Oooh dishwasher! So glad that Mick will have his new dressings on soon, I am sure they will really help! Great to see the flowers are still going!! {{{BIG HUGS}}} to you and Mick :o) xx

Audrey said...

My favourite kitchen utensil Ruth, a must have, Im smiling cause I acquired my first dishwasher in the same way.....not speaking about Alan this time though, remembering an answer when I was

Delighted they have managed to source some larger dressings for Micks pressure sores, hopefully they will make a big difference.

Hope the sun came out and you were able to sit outside and enjoy!!!

x Auds

Gene Bach said...

Our dishwasher is now D.O.A. Oh well, it was old anyhow.