Wednesday, March 07, 2007


You know that post yesterday morning......when I said that it was really rainy and so Mick and I were going to have a chill out day........................well things changed rather...............

from this

to this

which meant that instead of lazing about indoors we did this.....

Mick managed to get a look at the daffodils in the front garden; and then we went over to the Chemists and picked up his prescription. The weather was so warm and Mick seemed quite content as I nosed into other people's gardens and commented on the tuneful birdsong that permeated the air. I decided to carry on and take a walk past the school where Manda works;

this overgrown area is the school Wildlife garden....tucked in there is a pond...I bet there are a few frogs having some fun today! I must ask Manda to check and see if they have frog spawn yet..........our own frogs at the moment are "playing not laying".

Manda had told me yesterday that one of the trees near the school was covered in blossom; sadly it doesn't show very well in this photo,it's difficult to get Mick to look upwards but this tree had obligingly bloomed at Mick height as well as up high.

It wasn't the only tree in blosson; the photo of this one came out better.

There was even time when we got back home for a little sit in the garden.

Certainly nothing like the day I'd expected!

In the afternoon the doctor phoned and said that there ARE bigger dressings,also, he will prescribe an iodine dressing to put directly over the infected pressure area.
And you know that tree in blossom; well when Manda dropped in on her way home from work she said that the Council had come in the afternoon and CUT THE TREE DOWN! was considered to be leaning dangerously over the alley that the children use to reach the school. Just think...I probably took the last ever photograph of that tree............a double special memory!

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Claire said...

Its so nice when the weather turns out better than expected. Although i am sure you could of done with a chill out day!
I hate hearing about trees being chopped down, but i suppose it is better than squished children.
Suns out here at the mo.
I hope you and Mick are outside enjoying it?

AnalĂ­a said...

Thanks God my house was not on your way yesterday LoL imagine if you had nosed here!! That would have been "traumatic" for you my friend. Well, with all the raining, at least the grass is green again, that`s something :)
I can see spring is in the air for you, soooo nice. As our trees lose their leaves, yours bloom... same with the weather, getting cooler here and warmer there. It's your time to enjoy my friends!! Anyway, somehow, in my heart seasons are all mixed, I was in the middle of a cold winter, now I'm in fall and tomorrow will come the spring, yessssssssssss.
Hugs and kisses for you and Mick

talj said...

What a lovely day you had! The weather was so nice here too today, I did manage to catch a glimpse of some crocus' earlier today on the way to my appointment :o) Not such good news about the poor tree!! The bloody council! Glad you got a pic of it though :o)

{{{BIG HUGS}}} to you and Mick :o) xxx

CG said...

How sad about the tree!! But I'm glad you had a lovely day :)

Icarus said...

So you also made it through the rain....
2 years ago, I went to London at the end of March (my last visit). It was the first time I'd been in England in early or late Spring for 7 years. It was extraordinary, driving alone around the Essex & Middlesex countryside, on sentimental journeys, just looking, taking photos, visiting old mates & my parents in the cemetery in Epping Forest. i hadn't seen a daffodil in all those years, so much so that it was actually exciting! Here, there are always flowers, usually spectacular flowers most of the time, which I never take for granted. But this was England, my past. There was also a lot more magnolia everywhere than I'd remembered. Your spring flowers also tend to be much smaller than here, but mostly better-kept in your gardens. You could sense how important it was to people after the grey wet winter. And the frogs, magpies, robins, blue-t*ts. My cameras loved it all. Most satisfying trip I think I've made back in all these nearly 11 years. In fact, I was aware that it was getting dangerously too good, so I got my head down to work for a few days at my sister's and looked ahead to Lisbon.
As for cutting the tree down, nobody like that, but what can you say? A caring local council? Sense of responsibility? You'll find others, I'm sure. Hats off to the Doc for discovering that bigger dressings exist. Give him a lollypop from me! SXXXXXXXXXXX