Sunday, March 25, 2007


Now did all of you in the U.K. remember to put your clocks forward?

put me forward one hourI always wait until the following morning to do ours; it's surprising how many clocks there are in the house; not only ordinary clocks but ones on the phone, cooker, heating and videos, and it takes a while to change them all. When I woke up this morning I looked at our Freeview box; it's the only clock I can see in the dark thanks to it lit up display. It said 6.30 (almost a lie in for me) and of course as I hadn't changed the clocks yet it meant that it was really 7.30am. I got up, Mick was sleeping peacefully and dashed upstairs for a quick wash, dress etc then went into the kitchen to make myself a coffee before I started the "clock changing" chore. I went to the kitchen clock first...weird only said 5.45...I looked at the cooker clock...that said 5.45 too! I went back into the living-cum-bedroom and looked at the Freeview box said 6.45.......I'D FORGOTTEN THAT THE FREEVIEW BOX AUTOMATICALLY CHANGES ITSELF!!!!!

I've already mentioned in my post last night that Mick ate his dinner well so I'll just briefly catch you up on the rest of our day. As had been forecast, yesterday's sunny start soon turned into a dismal, rainy and chilly day. Unperturbed Mick and I donned our roles of kitchen gardeners as our kitchen-cum-shower room became our kitchen-cum-potting shed!
a bit of potting up

We spent a couple of hours out there and I managed to get quite a lot done (far more than you can see in the photo). The kitchen was quite crowded with Mick, myself, bags of compost, trays of seedlings, potting on trays and all the other bit and pieces a gardener can't do without. I won't tell you about what the floor looked like afterwards!

MEMO TO SELF; don't put light coloured trousers on Mick when I'm throwing compost all over the place.

The time passed so quickly (as it does when you're having fun) and I put Mick back into bed for a sleep while I cleared up. The afternoon passed quickly too, I got a few more chores done, had a Blogaround, then put on the book CD I'd been listening to and sat on my bed next to Mick and chilled out. Well I certainly chilled!!!! fact I fell asleep!!!!...not something I'm known to do during the day.

Well that's about know the rest.....I'm not sure what we'll do today. The weather outside looks dismal but it may brighten up. Have a great Sunday yourselves!

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talj said...

Glad you and Mick had a good day!!! Looks like you managed to get a fair bit done and so glad you managed a goodnights sleep!

We have just realised we didnt put the clocks forward so we just 'lost' an hour!!

Have a lovely Sunday!! Love and {{{HUGS}}} to you and Mick xx

CG said...

You certainly had a busy and productive day! We remembered to put our clocks forward!!Well, at least one of them....all the other clocks still show the wrong time.
It's sunny here today so I hope it brightens up for you too.

Suzi-k said...

sorry to ask a dumb question, but never having experienced daylight saving, what is the purpose of it!?And which is the "real" time, the one you were on or the new one?
Glad Mick got through that meal OK, bet he feels and appreciates all the love that goes into the preparation!

the night owl said...

Ruth,....You are right about posting our pictures in our blog sites.I can't get the pictures close together and it takes me a long time to edit and edit.Thanks for visiting me .