Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We were so lucky yesterday some of the country was covered in a slow clearing mist all day but for us the sun shone warm and bright. Mick had eaten every scrap of his breakfast so I took him for a walk down to the Dairy Stores...we haven't walked that way for months as it's a bit of a trudge but with the weather so nice I knew it would be warm enough to stop and take the odd break. I'm posting the walk on M.M.L.M.G. later today so won't go into details here. I will admit I was a bit naughty and picked a piece of Wallflower from someones smelled so lovely and I wanted Mick to be able to have a good whiff. He did take exception to this yapping dog; his head almost lifted straight up and a definite mumble came from his lips. Mick loves dogs and doesn't mind a dog with a good bark; but the "yappy" ones always drove him mad. We were out for a couple of hours and when we got back I sat Mick briefly in the garden while I made lunch. The sun was so hot by then that I had to sit him in the shade!
When I put him back on his bed he had his eyes wide open; it was lovely to see...a very rare occurrence nowadays. He soon fell asleep and slept all afternoon. He managed all his dinner with only some choking towards the end and managed a good wee without any wincing...I was glad of this as he hadn't been for the last 24 hours.
It's a chilly morning this morning but if it does warm up I may get the "cumbersome" wheelchair out of the garage. It's due to rain tomorrow and so I want Mick to have as much fresh air as possible today....he will be able to lay back a bit in the other wheelchair and doze in the sunshine....fingers crossed for another day like yesterday!

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AnalĂ­a said...

Dear Ruth, I was able to use the pc at work to leave you a message :) Weird, beacuse there's always someone faster than me. Anyway... I'm so happy to see that you are having beautiful days and that you are enjoying them. Mick is eating everything!! yessssssss, that is such good news. Did I read it right? you stole someone's flower? Oh no Ruth, that's too wrong, next time pick the complete plant!! We say here that stolen plants grow better LOL....and it's true (not that I have done it hehehe)
Well, I have to go now. remember that you and Mick are in my heart.
I'm hoping for more of the same for you too.
Kisses and hugs
Ani, the prodigal sister

RUTH said...

Ani! So good to hear from you. You are never"prodigal" but I am missing you during your absences. I need my singing and dancing partner back!!!!!
Much Love

talj said...

My Dear Ruth, so lovely to read that Mick is eating better and certainly sounds like the antibiotics are working a treat!!

Hasn't the weather been gorgeous the past few days?! Just lovely!!

I am absolutely shattered and suffering from a sore and swollen knee but just had to pop by and say hello!!

I promise to keep on top of my commenting from now on! ;o)

Much love and {{{{HUGE HUGS}}} to you and Mick xxx

CG said...

Glad you had a nice day Ruth, and that Mick managed to eat well...and a good wee too!!

Am back hope after my lovely visit to Leeds - we had such fun with the gardening stuff - I really REALLY wish you could have been with us and seen how happy T was potting up her plants and sowing her seeds!!! XXX

Audrey said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day Ruth, good to read that Micks pressure sores are healing so well and those anti biotics are working...Lol would love to have seen Mick respond to that yappy dog

Heres hoping for lots more sunshine and that rain isnt too heavy if it comes

the night owl said...

Hi Ruth,
Glad you and Mick were able to get out doors and enjoy the warmer weather...All of us bless you and Mick. Take care my friend. Baba

Thanks for viewing my blog today.

gledwood said...

Wow your back garden looks like a garden centre!!!!

gledwood said...

BTW I read something about hospitals during the War. They said the fresh air of wartime make-do hospitals made all the difference to patients' health. It doesn't feel healthy being boxed up inside anyway. I bet you are glad the frozen weather has gone. Hope it didn't kill anything growing.

Take care lots of love to you and Mick.


Mauigirl52 said...

Hope you have more good weather tomorrow. So glad Mick ate such a good breakfast and that the infection seems to be clearing up now that he's on antibiotics.