Thursday, March 15, 2007


I always like to bake a homemade cake when visitors are due. This weekend Talj and Andrew are paying their first visit to us and I can't decide which cake to make. I've had a look through my store cupboard and I have the ingredients to make Chocolate cake, Ginger cake or Marmalade cake. Can you help me decide? (The voting slip disappeared earlier and I had to reload it so if you've already voted you may have to vote again.)
Which cake shall I cook?
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Have just read Talj's comment that she is cleaning the flat from top to bottom before Andrew arrives. Talj don't you realise the joy of being able to write your friend's name in the dust on a shelf......LOL

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talj said...
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talj said...

OK lets try again...I couldnt spell in the last post lol

Ooooh cake....luvverly!!!! :o) I've made my vote and if it helps....Andrew isn't a big chocolate fan! :o) Am very exited today!! I need to clean the flat from top to bottom for Andrews brief visit here and I need to pack, oh and collect my glasses! Other than that, lazy day here lol {{{HUGS}}}

RUTH said...

Clean your flat from top to bottom!!!!!!'s going to be a bit of a difference when Andrew gets here!

Audrey said...

Put that duster down Ruth!!! you

I have to admit I tried to vote for all three in the hope that any leftovers would be fairly distributed between all drooling, envious bloggers on the other side of the window..but it wouldnt let me..drat!!!!

Have a good day x

talj said...

LOL LOL LOL!!! I'll be searching for my name now when I get to yours Ruth! :o) In all honesty, the place stays pretty clean, I only have me to look after, the flat isn't very big and I hardly ever get visitors so no one brings in any dust! ;o)

As for Andrew, from what I hear his place has NEVER seen a duster :o) So, you can be at ease with the fact that although I may be obsessive compulsively tidy......Andrew is the COMPLETE opposite.....that makes you the norm Ruth! :o)


CG said...

All those cakes sounde delicious, Ruth xxx

Claire said...

Ginger all the way!
I love the dust art!

Icarus said...

Duuurrgh! I voted chocolate, for myself, 'cos I given the choice, that's what I always go for. However, I won't be there, so now I'm sorry - make that sorry for at least 2 reasons - and I don't want you to get it wrong for Andrew. So you see, Ruth, democracy isn't necessarily the best way to go. Be autocratic - YOU decide!
And the photo is just hilarious. Dare you to kepp it there (if it hasn't gone already).
Plus...I also need help: can you visit T & a W ASAP and check if you can see what I've just posted. A tried a "Blog This", first time for ages. I can see it all, but that doesn't mean much, since I still see Ani-style frogs in all kinds of places where they shouldn't be...:-(((

Icarus said...

Ruth, don't bother. Same as before - no pictures. Will do it again, the other, slow way.XXXX