Monday, March 26, 2007

SUN WORSHIPPERS (some shade required)

As the sun rose yesterday the clouds soon disappeared and for rest of the daylight hours we had clear blue skies. They was a cool breeze but we were quite sheltered in the back garden.
I made sure that Mick's face was shaded well from the sun, one of the warnings on the antibiotics he's on at the moment is that the skin can be more sensitive to the sun. It soon turned warm enough for me to roll my trouser legs up! As we'd done a lot of potting up yesterday no actual gardening was done; though it took me a good 40 minutes of running upstairs and downstairs gathering growing pots of plants and seedlings and bringing them out into the garden for some fresh air! I brought out the radio and we listened to the Radio Kent gardening programme
and I even picked up a book and had a read; something I haven't done over the last couple of years.
All in all it was a pretty good day. Mick ate breakfast though wasn't interested in any other food until dinner time. He did drink a little though. He ate all of his dinner and managed to wee. It's not looking quite as strong now and smells better too.
Of course every silver lining has a cloud; his right hand, that he leans on so much, is badly marked with steroid induced bruising, also his skin is very thin. Sadly yesterday where he had leaned on it so much the skin has actually broken in one area. I can't put any sort of sticking plaster on it; even micropore tears his skin when I remove it; so I've place one of the Inadine patches (we use for his chest) on the broken area and loosely wrapped some lint dressing around it; hopefully that will protect it and stop the problem getting worse. It didn't appear to give him any pain when I "rocked and rolled" him to get him ready for bed.
Well today appears to be "set fair" so I'm sure we will sit out again. Apologies to all of you who will be stuck in an office all day; we shall be thinking of you.........myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

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Audrey said...

Lol Ruth apology accepted :) enjoy the sun

Sorry to read about Micks hand, steroids make the skin so fragile dont they, hopefully the dressing will protect it well enough to allow it to heal

CG said...

Sorry to hear about Mick's poor hand :(
Hope you enjoy a long sunny day outside!! xxx

Natalya said...

I do hope the weather there is as lovely as it is here today!!! Warm enough for just a T-Shirt!

Sorry to hear about Micks hand, I hope the dressing works and it heals quickly.

Off shopping with Mum later :o( Been a little unwell today so trying to take things easy and for once I am allowing someone to push me in the wheelchair! Maybe my stubborn streak is wearing off!?!

Love and {{{HUGE HUGS}}} xxx

Suzi-k said...

yes, glad you spared a thought for us poor office bound souls today!!
Thanks for the daylight saving link, it was interesting, and i found a lovely photo of the woods there which looks like it wants to become a painting!!Mick reminded me of Paddington bear, all budled up with his hat on, cute!