Monday, March 12, 2007


Mick really enjoyed his dinner last night the roast chicken went down really well and the Tiramisu for dessert was demolished! We've also had a little success on the bowel front (or should that be bowel; I think it is in part due the antibiotics he is taking. The "runs" can be a side effect...but in Mick's case that's almost a blessing.
The weather here is beautiful again...but I'm not taking Mick into the garden today. He had a very long stint in his wheelchair yesterday and his bottom is a little red....hopefully by leaving him on his ripple mattress today it will ease a bit...I really don't want that pressure area opening up again.
The 5 day weather forecast for our area sounds very good so hopefully we will get many more chances to sit outside during the week.
At least it's warm enough to have the windows open so Mick is getting a little fresh air..........of course I expect LOADS of dust will blow in from the outside....which means I can tell Talj & Andrew on Saturday that I'd cleaned the house from top to bottom in their honour but the dust has blown in from outside since....LOL.
Now don't you let on to them my little ruse will you....more lol.

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talj said...

LOL I'm sorry Ruth, both Andrew and myself spy on your blog frequently!! ;o) BUT, good news.....I had my eyes tested today and I need glasses....they should arrive wednesday or thursday...but if I dont wear them at your house....maybe I wont see any dust anyway (thats of course if it's all blown back in again ;o) )

Hope you enjoy your day whatever you get upto {{{HUGS}}} xxx

Ecce said...

lol Ruth, I breed dust at home and of the opinion if things are too clean you open yourself up to sickness if you visit somewhere less tidy ;)

Yesterday was the first washday using the clothes line to dry stuff and I hung clothes around the house for that lovely smell of spring :)

RUTH said...

talj; shucks I've been caught out.......ecce; how I fact if you have any spare dust bring it with you...we could start our own dust breeding company and sell bottles of it on ebay! Strangely enough I've just had my first "on the line to dry" washday
Hugs to you both

Audrey said...

LOL, Ruth its a given, open windows and fresh breezes are just bound to bring a lovely layer of fresh clean dust..likened to what ecce wrote...bringing with it that lovely smell of spring...Dust...we love you... Lol

Have a lovely day dust and all x x

Claire said...

Hope the ripple mattress is working on that fine ass!
Oh and if latest pressure sore bandage irritates the fine fella, my mum has a list of ones that she isn't allergic too that might be good.
How about you say that the hoover blew up just as you were cleaning?

Sheila said...

Why all this fuss about dust. Dust bunnies are the only pets I have these days..LOL

Libbys Blog said...

See! I am always dusting lol!! as I have the windows open lots!!!

Icarus said...

The one true curse of the newly-open windows that you don't seem to be afflicted with yet (and which are noticeable here the past few weeks) is flies. Not hordes, but still too many. Small & insignificant enough, but already annoying. It was a wetter than usual winter. You see Brits-in-Search-of-a-Dream-Life, it's not all paradise in the sun! But if flies are the only downside, then it could be worse. The weekend approaches, R & M!!

Icarus said...

And what on earth is a dust bunny, please?

RUTH said...

For those of you who, like Icarus, are unfamiliar with the trem "dust bunny"

Icarus said...

Well well, I am amazed by that info, thanks to Ruth & Wiki. I have been fascinated for ages, paerticularly in the place I just movedfrom,at the way that stuff would accumulate overnight, right after I'd cleaned the floors (not having a home help anymore). It would meet up in some collection point, then make it's way - as a new D.B. - to squat around leads, like the TV, or all the multitudinous pc bunch. 'Bunny' is too cute; for me they are dust b*gg*rs (first vowel is 'U', nothing to do with beggar's velvet!)LOL! sxxx