Thursday, March 29, 2007


Once again the chilly start belied the rest of the day. Mick was quite slow to wake up but once he did his breakfast went down quite quickly. While Manda popped in for her pre work visit I went and got the other wheelchair out of the garage. As I explained this is a far more cumbersome one, much more difficult to get Mick in as it it taller than the other one, this means that it doesn't fit easily under the hoist; it's also more awkward to push and not practical for taking on a trip out. It doesn't fold up so storage is more of a problem. It is, though, perfect for a long sit in the garden. I hope from these photos you can see how it can be tipped back.

Mick can lay his head right back if he wants though he seems to be happier most of the time with it forward. The whole angle of the chair seems far more comfortable and it also doesn't have the arm rest gap problem.

I dropped the ramp down before I took Mick outside; as it does lean back and our garden slopes I wanted to put it on as flat a surface as possible.The sun got so strong that I ended up putting the parasol up and was glad I'd slapped the Piz Brun on Mick's face, neck and hands. Mick's legs have felt quite cold the last few days and I'd purposely put his dark trousers on him in the hopes of them absorbing the heat. It seemed to work as his legs started to feel slightly warm to the touch. We had a look through a garden catalogue which came in the post....a "wish book" as Mick and I always call them. It surprised me how much Mick opened his eyes and I left it open on his lap while I was pottering about, turning a page every now and again. Manda noticed when she came in for lunch that Mick seemed to keep opening his eyes and looking at it.I also explained to him about the Strawberry Spinach seedlings I was pricking out. I know having a vegetable and a fruit on the same plant would interest him; we would often day dream of a really large garden and a HUGE vegetable plot. We imagined ourselves being like Tom and Barbara in The Good Life.It was so warm it was almost a relief when a little cloud rolled in. I'm convinced this is that little yappy dog from Tuesday's walk trying to catch a snowball in his mouth! We actually stayed outside until almost 3pm!!!! I was much happier about staying in the garden for longer with Mick in this wheelchair. Mick didn't manage all his dinner last night but I think that fresh air had tired him out in the nicest possible way! He did wake at 11pm and ate some rice pudding; still doesn't seem to want to drink. He is sleeping peacefully as I type this (Thursday morning); it's a grey start to the day and some rain is forecast but I won't complain; after all the sun the garden needs a drop of rain.

The last sun rays of yesterday

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talj said...

Lovely photos Ruth and great to see Mick relaxing in the bigger wheelchair! Weather certainly has been lovely the last few days! Raining here now in Leeds little plants will be happy :o)

Hope you and Mick have a good day today {{{HUGS}}} to you both xxx

Audrey said...

Lol Ruth I wish that sun would make its way up to Aberdeen, still a nip in the air up here, but Im so glad its shining where you are and that you and Mick are making the most of it. The wheelchair looks comfy pity its not suitable for your walks and getting around in general. What a lovely post x

Libbys Blog said...

It was a lovely day yesterday. Sadly I had to be a good girl and look after my back, so did not do all I wanted to!!

Icarus said...

After a few days *off the planet*, I'm trying to catch up now. I did see the Brit weather forecast on Skynews yesterday morning, and duly noted that it was set very fair for you yesterday, with excellent temps to match. I thought of you, how much good it would do, so it's good to see that it did materialise, even too much so.

the night owl said...

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for stopping by my place.Looks like you and Mick had a nice sunny time outdoors feels good to go out to nature and forget your cares for awhile.Be back later, Take care you two!!!

Lee-ann said...

Ruth hello to you and Mick......I am over from the night owl's blog and am so very pleased to have taken the time to visit.

We are now heading towards winter with Autumn falling upon us fast (yes I am in Australia) :o)

I read many! many! of your posts on your pages today and just want to mention how I enjoyed each and every one of them and to see you have such a beautiful garden that you started from scratch is simply inspiring well done to you both.

I send my good wishes and many ((hugs)) to both you and Mick and I look forward to many more visits from here in Australia that is if you would not mind.

I think I will go and light the open fire now it is cold this morning.........but we had our share of summer now it is your turn :o)


Ruby in Bury said...

Mick looks really happy in his garden. It was a gorgeous day yesterday after the misty start, wasn't it!

I used to love watching The Good Life. I can remember feeling very upset in the episode when Barbara wanted a "posh frock" though and they couldn't afford one!!

Ruby in Bury said...

P.S. I can see a cute baby dragon in the cloud pic!

Suzi-k said...

love that last photo especially, what a stunning end to a lovely day!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Glad you both had a nice outside day. We've had nice weather this week, but rain for the weekend. We've seen the good life re-runs here. Last night, I saw part of the first season of Rosemary & Thyme!