Friday, March 16, 2007


We managed a sit in the garden this morning; I'm so glad we did as it seem the cold weather and snow will be here again by next week. Mick had his kitchenshower and although it was a lot later than usual he ate his dinner really well. The last few meals he has struggled a bit and it's taken up to two hours as he dozes off between mouthfuls. The Chocolate cake's all cooked now; I let Manda be "guinea pig" at lunchtime for the "almost" ginger cake and she said it's really nice......that's good news as at least if Talj and/or Andrew and Lynn hate it I'll have someone to palm it off
I had a quick bath!!! thanks to Manda hanging around and keeping an eye on Mick; such bliss!!! I had to do something to make myself halfway you know I can't even remember where my make up is! so it's completely au naturel for me. Thankfully Talj has said she's a jeans and t-shirt girl so I won't have to feel I should "dress up". I usually rotate most of my clothes through 3 or 4 outfits; trying to make sure that at least there's something I'm wearing that Mick will recognise; besides I'm not a very good "average" size for buying off of catalogues, I know that you can return things if they don't fit but that's a hassle in itself.
Talj did say she's had her hair cut though. I wonder what it will look like? I would imagine Andrew is one of those guys who has professional designer haircuts......I wonder what he will think of Mick's £4 "Tracey comes to our house" haircut!
I doubt if I'll have much time to do a proper "apres" visit post tomorrow as Lynn is staying tomorrow night and we ALWAYS watch the ice-skating programme; then on Sunday Leanne & co will be over as it's Mother's Day but I shall "tell all" on Monday....if you haven't already read about it by then on Talj's blog!
I will try to do a quick blogaround at some point to visit you all!

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Icarus said...

It definitely promises to be THE event of the weekend. Are you really so excited? Nah, I can't imagine it! Seriuosly, I'm looking forward to reading the follow-ups and wish you all a really amazing time (non-stop eating, by the look of it!). Put that duster away, forget where it is! andf just.............ENJOY!!!!!!!

RUTH said...

Thanks Sx....wish you were here too

Jacquie said...

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I voted for chocolate cake - wish I was having some!

CG said...

Ruth, i am laughing my socks off about your comment on Andrew's designer haircuts....after a certain conversation I had with T on Wednesday night. But you might just ask him who cuts his hair....:) xxx

Claire said...

I am sure you will look gorgeous no matter how long you have to get ready.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

AnalĂ­a said...

Your friends are coming, yesssssssssss. Have fun, talk a LOT, take pictures, eat all you can and don't worry about anything else. It will be a wonderful day for all of you.
Your make up? you'll be so touched by their visit that if you use it, it will run, as we say here.
Have the best of the weekends my dear friend.
Kisses to your family and your friends from Ani

Pat said...

Ohh, Ruth, I do hope that you have a wonderful visit! I'm sure you will.

Save a piece of cake for me.

RUTH said...

CG; I too know the truth about Andi's haircut....LOL...I'm hoping to get some photos and let everyone else in on it!