Thursday, March 22, 2007


After a bright, sunny, blue skied start this morning, by about 10am the skies had clouded over....YIPPEE!!!.................I can hear you thinking "She's lost it...the stress has got too much for her.....normally she wants the she's glad it's cloudy.........CALL OUT THE MEN IN THE WHITE COATS!!!!!............well don't panic....I'm still perfectly sane. The reason the cloud was such a blessing was because the clear early morning skies meant that we had a very bad frost and it was FREEZING cold! As soon as the skies clouded over the temperature started to rise....crazy but true...and this meant that Mick and I could go out for a walk.
So after breakfast (more choking I'm afraid), a quick shave (Mick not me!), wash and getting dressed we left the house behind usand off we went. We haven't been out since last week and it really lifted my spirits.......despite all the dog's "doings" (no photos just in case you're having your dinner) all over the pavement which meant I either had to wheel Mick through it and then clean the wheels before we went back indoors or do an extra hump up and down the pavement and onto the road to miss it....I opted for the latter. Why people let their dogs do this I don't know....if they are not going to clear it up at least make them do it on the grass!It was good to see the horizon and distant view; we can't see far from our house because of other houses in the way. Maybe I should send this to Talj for her picture wall. This is the view Mick will have had many times when he has done work on our roof.

Seeing this gap reminded me that the last time we walked out the council were cutting the tree down.From a distance I thought there was a crow's nest in this treeon closer inspection I realised it was a ballmade me smile as under the tree is this sign!


Don't buy awkward things to carry home when you are on your own with Mick and pushing a wheelchairI bought this new cutlery drawer in the Co-Op and already had the wheelchair shopping bag full of shopping so tried balancing it on Mick's lap. The pavements are so bumpy though and after it had fallen off three times I wedged it in the top of my handbagI must admit it did make the chair awkward to push. There are just some things one NEEDS to have...and a new cutlery drawer was one of themand FRESH Brussel Sprouts were another!!!!

We arrived back home not long before Manda came in for lunch....she was pleased we had managed to get out....she knows I get a bit stir crazy after a few days. We have one relative who expresses complete surprise (tinged with disgust) that I take Mick out or sit him in the garden. But as I said to Manda when she came in..."Does Mick look any worse for our trip out?"....her reply "Not at all...he looks more contented!" The relatives attitude reminds me of when I was fighting to get a wheelchair from the of the O.T. staff actually said to me when I explained that I needed a chair so that I could sit Mick in the garden or go for a walk....."OH...erm...but it's more normal to leave terminal cases in bed!" similar to the "it's not worth it" attitude I've fought for 22 months.


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talj said...

GO RUTH!!!! The choice to have a wheelchair should be down to YOU and Mick, how they dare suggest you can't have something for the kind of reasons you stated is just disgusting! Please don't get me started on the b*stards in the NHS. Sorry but really, there is no other word for them.

So pleased you managed to get out and I need to admit now that I had a little chuckle at you and your cutlery draw LOL Many times I have gone out before November and bought allsorts not really thinking how I'd carry them and use my crutches lol

Now, enjoy putting your bits and pieces in the draw and you and Mick have a lovely afternoon {{{HUGE HUGS}}} xxxx

Icarus said...

How very dare you not let the "bien pensant" (right-minded)family etc. tell you what to do!!
I get this picture in my mind of you two struggling along on the 'walk' home, with cutlery tray refusing to sit still and brussels sprouts rolling down the road. Lining the whole way is a multitude of onlookers, voicing their self-righteous disapproval, criticising in chants, waving banners, and possibly singing Land of Hope & Glory, with the riot police in full gear on handy stand-by. And not one of them thinks to lift a single little piggie to help. No curtains move, because they don't need to - everyone is on the street. I hope you can get out much more often, if only because it does so much good and help you to stay sane, rather than stagnating. Take it from one who knows! Those brussels look very enticing, BTW!
As I try to thinkup ingenious inventions to make the trip easier, how about side-oanniers on the wheel-chair? Is that possible without making it too heavy to push?
Lover to you both SXXXXXXX

RUTH said...

Hi Talj; I've now got nice clean drawers....LOL
Sx; I think you've got that spot heard the chanting all the way from Portugal!...LOL
Nice idea to have side-panniers but it would make the chair too wide I think; some pavements,shop aisles and doorways are very narrow

CG said...

I would hope that should I be in Mick's position, someone who loved me would take me out in the fresh air, regardless of what other people might think!!! {{HUGS}}

Women on the Verge said...

*sigh* Plain and simple... the majority of western doctors can't see the forest for the trees... when I was a young girl a cousin of mine was in a serious car accident that left him in a coma. The docs, in their infinite wisdom, told my family they were "wasting their time" by talking to him... go with your instinct, Ruth. Mick is lucky to have you!!!!


Deb said...

The hospice that Mom's in has the same (bad) attitude...our loved ones are still very much alive and the feeling of the cool breeze on their cheeks and the sounds of the birds can comfort them as well. They NEVER get Mom out of bed and I'm beginning to be more vocal about her "quality" of life in there. I brought some of her favorite music in for us to listen to at night.

Good for you....I'm sure it's an awful lot of work for you but makes Mick's life much better to change the scenery/feel/sounds.

RUTH said...

Thanks for all your support. Debs; I can't believe they NEVER get your Mum out of bed...I know it can be a difficult thing to do especially if like Mick the person can't help but I would have thought that with staf about it would be an easier thing for them to do than it is for me. Even if Mick is in bed all day I always make sure I get him dressed; it's one way of making life seem more "normal" for him. I find that Mick will react to certain music or the sound of a familiar programme on the TV..especially football. To me that proves that inside he is still here! I am very much a believer that quality of life is more important than quantity...I know it's what Mick would prefer.

Sheila said...

Ruth, I've made a couple of starts on a comment here, but it smacks of 'soapbox' instead I will just say, Thank Goodness Mick has you..!
From what I've read about the two of you here, he would be quite amused about the cutlery drawer fiasco.
Him still being here, is testament to your selfless TLC.