Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Mick ate quite well last night though once again towards the end of his meal he had another terrible choking fit. It is such a shame as it was obvious that he was enjoying his dinner......maybe the effect of the patches is wearing off as his body gets used to the drug in them?.......maybe he has some sort of gastric upset?.....I don't know and he can't tell me....I just have to rely on intuition, keep calm and get him through it.

Today the sky looks like thisso what am I doing typing this post instead of sitting out in the garden?.......well it's because the temperature is thisand on the ground there is still thisas tempted as I am there is no way I'm taking Mick outside when it's this's not so bad when you're moving about but when you're just sitting.....Brrrrrrr!

Behind glass in the living room it feels quite, although Mick has a nice view on the mantelpiece as I've picked some daffs and hyacinths
I've sat him in his armchair...the sun will gradually shine in on him and warm him up; with that warmth and the scent of the flowers I'm sure he will be dreaming of Summer Days ahead.
I don't know if it's something to do with the post Christmas bills catching up with everyone or the fact that (here in England) it's Council Tax Bill and Water Bill time but so many people seem to be having financial hic-cups at the moment. We are fortunate here as with Mick being ill we do receive benefits from the government.......well we paid our taxes and National Health payments for enough years so I reckon we are entitled to a bit back. Mick receives a Disability Allowance and I get £27 a week for taking care of him!!!...not a fortune but it keeps the wolf from the door. I had to smile when Mick received this statement in the post though. I don't know how clearly you will be able to see it but it's a statement for £75.81 dated 28th February 2007 for an invoice dated 6th August 1999. It seems a strange thing to receive "out of the blue"......Mick has always been a "cash" payer for goods and I know that over the last 2 years when I've been opening his post that he has received no other statements. Very weird...even if Mick had for some reason bought goods "on account" I would have thought we would have heard from the company long before this! I can't ask Mick about it...even if he was well I doubt if he'd remember this far back in time. I'm going to email them and explain Mick's situation.....I certainly have no way of proving or disproving that Mick owes this money...and to be honest after all this time I wouldn't pay it anyway...I'd rather give the money to the Clatteridge Campaign. It will be interesting to see what the company's reaction will be.....I wonder if they will try to take Mick to that would be interesting!

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CG said...

Hope you get that bill sorted out Ruth...I have it on authority that Andi is very good if someone needs a good telling off!

I hope these choking fits of Mick's cease soon. Hugs to you both xxxx

talj said...

Lovely day out there Ruth...even if it is freezing lol Inside with the heating on its like summer ;o)

So sorry Mick had another choking fit. I am awaiting an answer to the question I posted and hope to be able to offer some sort of help in the next day or's funny the 'contacts' I have made the past 8+ months...the internet is a wonderful place offering the chance to contact people worldwide in similar situations, including major US neurologists, all of whom seem more than willing to help out no matter where in the world you are....and you dont even make an appointment!

I do hope you get the bill sorted out, how very odd! Feel free to 'let me at 'em' if you have no joy :o) I could do with a fight ;o)

Much love and (((HUGE HUGE HUGS))) to you and Mick xxxx

Sheila said...

Sitting in the sunshine inside is better than sitting in it outside and being cold. As for that invoice, it has toi be a mistake. Besides, isn't there a statute of limitations..6 years or something like it.
It's probably someone just trying it on...tell them to go to your accountant..what's her name..
Helen Wait..?

RUTH said...

LOL...Helen Wait!!!! Good one Sheila.

Audrey said...

Sorry to hear about Micks choking fits, I should imagine its distressing for both of you, hope this passes soon x

Just unbelievable that bill, who are they trying to kid after 8 years........incredible!!!!

Sounds real cosy by that window Ruth and the aroma of those flowers, the colours..lovely...those little touches say a lot about you :)

Love and {{{hugs}}} to you both

Claire said...

Hey i have gone mad, i was sure i left a comment before?
Well be assured it was something deep and meaningful, like brrrrrr.
I hope mick hasn't had another choking fit?
And they are cheeky buggers sending you that invoice.

Pat said...

Oh, Ruth... I'm sorry to read that Mick had another choking spell. That can be so worrying.

About that bill...

Reminds me of a VISA bill that comes faithfully here every month. It's addressed to Jack. It was the VISA card that he used when he worked for his expenses and I think that he overpaid on his last bill by about 57 cents!!!

I have phoned them and phoned them to say that Jack is no longer with us and to please cancel this account and they say that they will but faithfully each month I get a statement that says that they owe us 57 cents! It costs more than that for the stamp on the envelope and to pay the folks for writing it up.

Jack's been gone just over 6 years so figure out how much they've paid to send me this monthly statement for 57 cents!


Women on the Verge said...

I'm sitting here shaking my head over the audacity they have to send you that bill... unbelievable!!

I hope Mick is doing better today!