Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Good news I rang the doctor yesterday morning about the pressure area on Mick's chest and he came out the same day!!! I really hate asking him to come out as he is not the most tactful of men. In the past he has asked me questions in Mick's hearing like "Is he blind yet?"..."Does he still understand you?"......"Do you know can always get respite care from the Hospice?". Fair enough questions I know....but not in front of Mick!!! I have told the Doctors and Nurses (on their rare visits) that Mick does not know he is dying!....when he was first diagnosed and thought he only had 2 months to live he knew he would lose some of his memory. He particularly asked that we (family) didn't remind him of his condition as he wanted to have the frame of mind that tomorrow WOULD come. I resolved today that when the Doctor came I would talk "nineteen to the dozen" giving the doctor no chance to say anything untoward. It worked and the doctor merely prescribed some antibiotics and prompted by Manda (who was here during her lunch hour) promised to see if there was a bigger dressing that I could put over the area. At the moment I'm having to place two dressings side by side to cover the area....which isn't ideal....he says that he doesn't think they make bigger dressings...I find this absurd as surely many people have wounds larger than an elliptical 8cm by 6cm. We shall see what we shall see!

Our expected visitors phoned to say they are unable to come as Brenda still has a cold. Poor us!....that means the deliciously moist Ginger Cake I've made will have to be shared into bigger portions....LOL.
I'll freeze this half......maybe!......it is going down rather well!

Mick is continuing to eat well....still won't drink.....but at least the yoghurts, mousses etc I give him have a high liquid content. He enjoyed his haircut and kitchen shower and had a peaceful night. Tracey, our hairdresser, remarked at what good condition his hair is in and how curly it was getting. I don't know why this is...maybe something to do with the steroids he is on.

We have rain forecast for the week.....a great shame as there are a few jobs I need to do in the garden and it would be nice to get Mick out there to "oversee" what I am doing. I point out his cards to him whenever he wakes....he has always been one for "long" birthdays. Even under normal circumstances a week later if he wanted something he would say "Well it is my birthday!"

Last night and this morning the rain returned with a vengeance. I think Mick & I will be having a lazy chill out day.................

but that doesn't stop me printing this collage.......just to prove how lovely Spring really is in our garden!

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Women on the Verge said...

I'm printing your collage and hanging on my fridge as a reminder that someday spring will actually come... Right now I'm looking at *sigh*... more snow... and hoping we don't end up reliving any scenes from "The Shining".


Annelisa said...

Just stopped by from Gledwood, having read the post there that if you get 100 comments you get some cash for charity. I don't know if this is still on, but no matter.

If you've got any of the ginger cake over, will you send it to me in England - looks scrummy! :-)

Love your flower collage!

CG said...

The collage is really pretty, Ruth, sorry you can't get out and do your jobs because of the weather. That ginger cake looks good to me :)I think Mike has the same attitude to birthdays as my girls - we have "birthday weeks" in our house!!

RUTH said...

The weather changed after I posted this...all will be revealed in tomorrow's post!

Audrey said...

Can I have some ginger cake to pleeeeze x
Thanks Ruth for bringing that touch of spring,its refreshing and the colours so beautiful..Im prempting given your comment above.looking forward to reading what delights the day brought.x

I do believe some Drs just forget a little something called tact and respect..I find this when Im with some of the people I support, they talk to me as if the other person isnt there,I have to tactfully find a way of reminding them that they are treating the person as if they are invisible...so frustrating.

So glad Micks still celebrating his birthday in his own quiet way

X Auds

Pat said...

I'd love to have the recipe for that ginger cake, Ruth! It looks so yummy.

I was so thrilled today to see my shamrock plants I thought had died sending up miniscule little green shoots. I actually thought I was going to throw them out. One has white flowers and the other deep pink, almost mauve-ish tiny flowers. Both were Jack's and I'm so happy that they are doing well.

Love your collage! It's so pretty and cheery.

RUTH said...

Pat; will write it up later and let you know the link.

Icarus said...

Good evening on Wednesday & it's time to do some catching up. Ruth, I'm beginnig to think that maybe I was wrong last summer to think the Portuguese "caring" professionals are unique in their primitive insensitivity. If doctors could actually speak like that in front of Mick, then it is no different to what we experienced in the local hospital here, and me having to let them know "Never again! She is awake & conscious. She is not a cat, or a chair". That you have to take such pre-emptive action seems absurd, and enraging.
This afternoon, Ana & I carried 4 large bags full to the brim with incontinence nappies - of varying sizes, unused & pristine to the carer charity that I had decided was more in need than the other to receive them. The woman opened the door & immediately beamed with gratitude, saying how invaluable they were. The door closed & Ana burst out crying in the street, trying to cope with the memories, the pain of it all, the state of caring. I spoke about you two then.
Weren't you tempted to reply "And are you blind?"