Friday, January 05, 2007



Mick woke up this morning; drank his tea; ate his was as though the last two days hadn't happened at all...though I suppose to him they haven't! I gave him a nice shave and a bit of a pamper..nails, foot massage etc and sat him out in his special arm chair. I flung open the windows and the front door and let the smell of spring waft in. Because of the difficulties over the last couple of days Mick hasn't been out of bed and, although he has a special ripple bed, his heels are looking quite red. The air-mattress covering is quite thick plastic and although it's fine to put a thin sheet over it I mustn't pad it too much or it will ruin the ripple effect.I've put a couple of the spider type dressings on his heels to give them some protection. Hopefully that will stop them from getting worse.

One of my Christmas presents from Nicole was a hair colourant; so this afternoon when Manda pops in I am hoping throw off my present disguise as an old white Nanny
and revert back to being a gorgeous, figure-to-die-for, honey haired blonde.

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Audrey said...

Hi Ruth

Memories of my nursing days return this morning....its a credit to your care and attention if Mick has managed to avoid bedsores so far.......even with the air mattress,which is wonderful its not always easy....used to do four hourly rounds giving rubs and turning,so important and the human touch as well.........Now Honey Blonde Wow!!!! Hope were gonna get a

Enjoy being pampered....x

Analia said...

Ruth!! You will look fantastic! A figure-to-die-for blond. Excellent my friend. Let's go to the beach and leave some broken hearts here and there.
I'm happy to read that Mick feels better and had his tea and ate something. Are you giving him all my kisses and hugs? Well, I'll come back later, I haven't washed my face or combed my hair yet!! first things first...YOU AND MICK :)
Take care

RUTH said...

Bless you both....I apologise Audrey if sometimes I am a little (or lot) scathing about the health is no reflection on your once profession. Analia I am sure Mick is enjoying all these kisses and hugs he gets from you; I may have to stop eating steak for a while though before we hit the beach!!! not sure if my bikini will fit at the moment!! LOL

Audrey said...

No need for apologies is far from perfect I know that..I have scathed myself on occassions believe much red tape becoming more and more about finances rather than people.....scathe away its healthy x x

Mile Stones said...

Are we going to see the fruits of that bottle with a message to -mick?
Good to see analia has her priorities right. Absolutamente, Anita!

I don't know which of my new songs i like better, this one, which I didn't know, but is so appro. Or Pilar's from Nacha Pop. There was also - inevitably - Pete Gabriel, with Kate Bush pleading "Don't Give Up". But I knew that.

I've just written longer than ever at Auds. For all of us. It is as if Auds' place has become home!

Rabiits, Thin Horses, Geese, Goats....what next?

PS Late N.Y's resolution anyone? How about STOP APOLOGISING? We don't need it.

Mile Stones said...

Back for a Post Scriptum. That I forgot before bears testament to what I forgot to say (still following?). it was that re. Fool on A Hill, well, i've been damned lucky with my hair and some of my teeth, but lately, the memory for detail & short term is getting to be a worry. Of course I sent it to you! I just couldn't remember. Beam me up, Scottie!

RUTH said...

Don't worry I have the same problem Can't even remember my own name sometimes!