Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well I made it through the rest of yesterday with no major disasters; I did have a little computer trouble (slow loading, mailbox playing up etc.) but I can't put that down to yesterday as there doesn't seem to be a day goes by when some little computer glitch doesn't happen or Blogger is playing up.
Manda and I gave Mick his kitchenshower; the crook of his right arm is getting really sore again so we slapped on plenty of Aloe Vera and hopefully it won't look so "angry" in a couple of days. After his shower he slept until 6pm and when he woke up wasn't the least bit interested in his dinner although his ears pricked up when I mentioned dessert. I've noticed that he is far more keen on sweet food as opposed to savoury, maybe the dehydration is affecting his taste buds and sweet foods seem more palatable to him...I suppose even the tumor itself could be affecting his sense of taste. I mixed up a sachet of Complan with milk and thickened it to a mousse consistency with Thick and Easy...then mixed that in with rice pudding......he ate the lot! I'm glad I didn't just "give up" on the idea of him eating as it proves he WAS hungry......... "A bit of what you fancy does you good !".

He had a really bad coughing and sneezing fit this morning; once it starts it just WON'T stop...not literally...but it did last a for over an hour. He was worn out after that and so after I got him washed and dressed I snuggled him back into bed under a cosy fleece.. (it's really wet, cold and miserable outside today)...and am going to leave him to sleep peacefully. I really wish I knew what causes the cough....i.e. certain foods, perfumes, the angle he's laying at....but I just can't pin it down to one specific thing. Mick used to suffer really badly from hayfever when we first met.........as we gradually became more and more interested in gardening his hay fever slowly disappeared....I guess he became desensitised to the pollen as the flower population in our garden grew; and after a couple of years he could poke his nose into the even the heaviest perfumed lillies and have a good sniff with no ill effects....except for the YELLOW nose afterwards from the pollen !!

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Audrey said...


The lillies are beautiful,one of my favourites, cant help but smile at that image of Mick with the yellow nose having sniffed the flower...I should imagine it must be distressing to see him cough and sneeze, wouldnt it be wonderful if you could source and eliminate the cause, so many possibilities,somehow feel you wont give up trying to pin it down though,Im wishing you success x x

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Ruth...thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I was touched by your own story...your husband, your garden...you seem like a very nice person!
I will try to manage a link list soon, I used to have one but it became a lot of work believe it or not! If I manage to get one up I will add you, if I cannot manage it (time!!!), at least you have made it to my favorites list!!!

RUTH said...

Auds; yes we especialy love lillies; we have grown some of the turks cap type the last couple of years, no smell but fascinating flowers.
Blue; thanks for your visits and kind comments. I do TRY and be a nice person....