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This first part of the post written Tuesday 2nd January
We desperately needed to get Mick's prescription renewed for his Dexamethasone. The surgery has been shut for quite a while due to the holidays and our stocks are getting very low. As the surgery won't renew over the phone and I was hoping that they would renew it straight away (it usually takes 3 days) I decided that Mick and I better go out and "sort it" (as Mick would say). Mick wouldn't eat any breakfast today; I really think he needs his bowels open (working on that) and I hoped that a bit of fresh air may increase his appetite a little. I got Mick dressed etc and got him out of bed............I know I've often mentioned the hoist but don't think I've ever shown you a picture of it........
We have decided the hoist is Scottish since Lynn named it Ally McHoist after the former football player
The real Ally Mccoist
It was quite chilly outside so I made sure Mick was wrapped up warm.
The receptionist at the surgery said she MAY try and get the prescription filled within the 3 days; I hope so as the most I have left is for 2 days!
As the surgery is half way to the Drift where our local Co-Op is I thought we may as well continue on and pick up a few bits of shopping; we can't live on leftovers and chocolates forever!

I know this only looks a little slope but when you're pushing a wheelchair laden with shopping all those extra calories consumed over Christmas start to rebel.
By the time I got up this slope I was panting a bit!!!......
I'm hoping Mick will be able to eat his dinner; I'm doing Roast Lamb tonight; one of his favourites. He is very restless. He is coughing a lot although he has a new patch on.....a definite gastric juice build up I think. Glad I bought those prunes while we were out! Hopefully those and a drink laced with Movicol will help. I am putting this post into draft mode now as Mick has started coughing quite badly and will come back to it later.
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Well my "come back to it later" has turned out MUCH later it is now 12 midday Wednesday. I haven't slept yet and Mick has only catnapped until now. It's been a harrowing night. Mick has been coughing and sneezing, grunting and groaning all night. He did manage to eat his dinner but what an effort coughing and spluttering all the time and he worked so hard; he was so enjoying his food and despite struggling all of it was eaten. The whole evening he was trying so hard to open his bowels; I know he was in pain, he groaned and groaned; how my heart ached for him. About 1am this morning, although he had had no success he settled down to sleep; from pure exhaustion I think. I got into bed myself but after about 15 minutes the coughing and sneezing started again. It was like that on and off all night in the end I didn't even try to sleep myself when he had a quick 5 or 10 minutes of respite; I had got to the stage where I COULDN'T sleep. Sometimes he would settle for up to half an hour; I ended up surfing blogs in that time; it was something I could do quietly; I read a few blogfriend archives that I had not read before and dropped into a few stranger blogs ( a stranger is a friend we haven't met yet) and left a few comments here and there.

At about 9am this morning Mick had a little success bowel wise but the coughing and sneezing still persisted. The patch doesn't seem to be helping at the moment. I surmise that with such a bowel build up that his gastric juices are causing the problem but possibly he has a cold or something. I have given him a little "Night Nurse" just in case. He has now been sleeping since 11.15(half an hour) so I thought I'd take this chance to get this post finished and published. Nicole is back to school tomorrow and I want to make her a batch of my Oaty Fruit Bars to take to school for her and her friends to share; a little welcome back to school gift to cheer them all up. Hopefully I'll be able to get Elton John's song "I'm Still Standing" out of my head while I'm doing it.......All MileStones fault re: his comment on "Art,Art............"............LOL ...............quite apt though after a sleepless night!!!!

Sadly my Oaty Fruit bars don't travel well; so for Analia click here for the recipe.

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Audrey said...


Would like to think that as I write this youve found a little window of time for a little rest for yourself and that your not still standing ( I mean that in the best possible sense) that your catching up on some of that missed sleep.....Really hope Mick is settled and more comfortable.... that the prunes and Movical have worked their magic...

And amid all find time to make something special for your Nicole first day back at school........Im amazed and full of admiration Ruth.....What a woman you are..x x

Speechless in Aberdeen to sleepless in ........

RUTH said...

Thank you Audrey You are very sweet ( and I don't mean that in a sickly, condescending way). What you must realise that it is my blogfriends like you that keep me going. I could so easily have spent months just sitting holding Mick's hand and waiting for the inevitable to happen....instead I jump on the computer and pour out my woes knowing that out there in cyberspace someone is listening...someone who will not judge my actions....just someone who will friends over the garden gate.As for making the cakes for Nicole...well it's the sort of thing Mick would expect me to do...a normality in my life that I tell him about..thus to him (I hope) all is normal and he needs not fear the way he is feeling at the I have the time..unlike so many of you my life is not driven "by the clock"..I don't have to be at work at a specified time..I don't have to sleep at a certain time so that I can rise at a certain time..if I want to make cakes at 3 in the morning I can! Even trials can have their benefits. Positive thinking...that's the way I am trying to run my life....there will be a point I know when I will plummet into the Mick would say "When the shit hits the fan"...I hope then that I will have the strength to read my own blog AND the comments....and thus regain my "Keep on going" outlook on life. Till then.........I'll just keep on going!!!!!

Mousie said...

Audrey is right you're a good goodie girl my Ruth...I bet you don't realize how much you give us, how much we learn when reading you...I hope my post about solitude and death didn't hurt you...I'm becoming a navajo woman...have you ever see Native Indian Mousies, with faethers on their head chasing each other through your garden???mind the flowers mousie!!!!
I'm happy, I made you laugh...
love to you two...

Analia said...

I wish I could be there to help you my friend, though I know no hands are better than yours to take care of Mick...but you do need to rest sometimes to be strong day after day.
I hope Mick is doing better by now, I'll come back later to check how's everithing.
Ruth, when the shit hits the fan, as Mick would say, we will be here too, by your side day and night, because we are walking with you ,and we will be there then too, and everytime you need us. I think Mousie is right, you don't realize how much you give us.

By the way, I'm on vacations right now, but I start working again on Febrary 1, can I have one of those cakes to cheer me up? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee????

Love, Ani

Mile Stones said...

Ruth, I stopped by earlier during my lunchbreak at 4 pm, but had to work again, waited till now to write you.
There I was reading down, getting a big laugh out of Ally McHoist (the real Ally's not what he was, but then who is, right?)as well as getting aggravated at the idea of the holidays stopping the supply of medicines. Then it all turned so serious and truly worrying. Sometimes, I find out quickly just how fragile and brittle I am. Americans would say I was emoting. Very nice. It tore me up. What I had already realised and got a sharep reminder of is just how much your struggle has become mine, like other people told me last summer. You have no idea how locked into this I feel with you and Mick. Learning what had happened, I felt it like I was there in the house with you. Sometimes my senses are just so damned sharp. But your writing (and your sharing) facilitates it too.
It is times like this that the internet, for all its good, just isn't and cannot be enough.
Yesterday morning, I checked Millwall's result, just because of Mick, & I thought: "Wow, great! Mick'll be pleased with a 4-1". Yesterday afternoon, Ana came up, as she needed to use the internet. I showed her your blog and a few brief post-visits. We talked about you all while we walked back down the hill. You see, Ruth, Leonor was her Mum. So she could see quickly what I was saying. She worries that you will overdo it. And that was before your night last night.
We cannot ever forget or lose sight of what this is about. It can hurt, but that is absolutely right. When I was younger, I once defined friendship as sharing totally the laughter and tears of sincerity. I remember that definition now.
That's the way it is. I just left a link and a recommendation on Analia's to go see mar's blog for Jan 1st. Please go there and follow it. A simple, powerful uplifting little video. And I hope you have a much better night tonight. Night-night & warm dreams SXXX

RUTH said...

MileStones; many thanks to both you and Ana for your concern....but I am a tough old bird...(LOL) manda has offered to watch Mick while I sleep but I know I would not sleep. Mick is slightly more settled this evening so I think I shall be able to have some "shut eye" tonight.
Analia; I have put a click link on the bottom of my post with the recipe for you; as much as I try I cannot find a way to email food!! (more LOL)

RUTH said...

p.s. I really think Mousie should post some pictures of herself in her Navajo guise....

Audrey said...


Glad to read Mick is a little more settled......It will have been a long day for you I should imagine.....You really are an inspiration......I know motherhood prepares us for sleepless nights lots of practice, yet this is more emotionally pulling for you

Can only repeat what Analia wrote, Whatever, whenever.....We are here, listening and caring about you

Wishing you and Mick a peaceful,sleepful night

x x

crpitt said...

When my mum first came out of hospital she had to slowly come off the movicol because she was eating more! (she lived on cheese and crackers in hospital, or what ever we could bring in) she is eating more because my cooking is so great of course. Isn't it funny that we can blog about movicol! I hope you do realise that me and your other fellow bloggers will always be here!

Analia said...

Everytime I come I keep thinking that it must have been God's hand who made the click for me to find your blog. Oh Ruth I can't believe my eyes, though you and Mick had a difficult night you still take some of your rest time to write a recipe for me!!! You are not from this world and I admire you more and more every day my friend.
By the way...I reagrds to Manda. I think she is a great person and a good companion of you two.
Sleep tight.