Tuesday, January 09, 2007


At last!!!!! IE has been playing me up and I haven't been able to get on the Internet all morning. Not that I'd intended to do a blogging; the weather though windy has been too mild to stay indoors; I just like to at least get into my mailbox first thing in the morning just in case Camelot are trying to let us know that we've won the lottery! LOL

As I've just said, this morning was really mild...(sign of old age repeating myself)....and I wanted to get over to the chemists to see if they had any Complan. I want to try Mick on it. Although at times he can eat very well, because of the time it takes (meaning he often falls asleep before he's finished) I want to try and boost his protein and mineral intake. Mick likes strawberry milkshake so I that was the flavour I bought. From the blurb on the box I reckon I should try some myself;

"designed to help keep your body and mind firing on all cylinders. Remember how young you really are, and feel as youthful on the outside as you do on the inside. "

and the box has pictures of people doing break dancing, golfing, driving dumper trucks and roller skating on it. Wow! what with this and Tena Lady I could feel 21 again. LOL

One of Mick's little quotes here.." I felt like a 21 year old yesterday...but she slapped my face!"

Mick had slept very well last night,....Manda and I gave him his kitchenshower yesterday afternoon and we could feel that he felt more comfortable after it; so as it was so pleasant out instead of coming straight back indoors, and putting Mick onto his bed, we stayed in the garden for about 2 hours; me pottering about, telling Mick all about my ideas for the garden during the coming year and Mick listening and taking the occasional peek at what I was doing. I think it did him good getting a long spell of fresh air because when lunchtime came round he managed to eat a whole bowl of rice pudding; whereas lately he's not been interested in eating lunch at all.

There's some darts on the TV this afternoon and with Mick being an ex darts player and me being a darts fan I'm going to go and put it on and we can have a nice snuggle up.

Nearly forgot......Analia please take two teaspoons of this so that you will feel better soon.

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Allotment Lady said...

Glad to her you had a good day.

I used to give my mother Complan more than 44 years ago.

It didn't have the grand box or the discriptions on it - and there was only one sort - like creamy water paper paste - but it did her good.

Mile Stones said...

Hey, as I start this, I see you are arriving on mine! Synchronicity, synergy always!
I just had to come in to say that this is the best solo sing-along I've had in ages!!!!!!!!Brilliant!!
"Cheer up Sleepy Jean!
Oh what can it mean
to a Daydream Believer
& a Homecoming Queen?"
Just what MY doctor ordered!
Earleir this afternoon, having coffee in a café, I was treated to a 'cabaret'from a very old woman, good peasant stock, one of those wonderful rustic, weahter-beaten faces, sparkling eyes and a huge sense of humour. Must have been 5 foot nothing, dressed in black shawl & all. She started to put on a performance of .....GYMNASTIC exercises. Me smoking a fag and looking at some nelwy printed photos, burst out laughing and announced that no way could i touch my knees, let alone the ground with straight legs "Why not?", she asked, then gave me hell about smoking, while sipping her fruit juice. I told the women next to me that I was thoroughly put to shame, & they agreed. Then they asked her if she did exercises every day "Nooooooo!!!Stopped that years ago!" Then we tried to guess her age. It was a youthful 82.....I give up, but it was just so funny. She moved with such grace and the flexibility of a 20-year-old. Go figure. I bet she's never taken a drop of 3-in-one (maybe the lubricating oil?)or Complan in her life. That's good fortune. Had to share that! Bless you both SXXXXXXXXXXX ...all together now: "CHEER UP SLEEPY JEAN!!!"

RUTH said...

I can ( just about) still touch my toes though they are getting further away each year. Cheers MS...you are your own Superstar and ours!...see I've been listening to your music too!!!!

RUTH said...

Hi Lottie, yes thankfully there are a good variety of flavours now both sweet and savoury.

Audrey said...

Hi Ruth

Reading your post brought a sigh of relief this morning, had same problems logging on...Now I can reassure son that its just wind lol

Loved the link to Micks sporting days onnneeeeeee hundrrrrrrrrred and eighttttttttty Ruth or even bullyseye...

Delighted to read you were both able to enjoy the mild weather, such a bonus at this time of year

Picking up lots of gardening tips at the same time....

The little guy at the computer made me smile too... that was just like me yesterday.......lol