Saturday, January 13, 2007


Mick did well yesterday. Not only did he manage all his breakfast but ate lunch, dinner and dessert. He wasn't coughing as much either.....and the "log of logs" has been regularly updated so good news all round. Yesterday evening he was really alert; he had his eyes wide open and they seemed clearer than usual....very often even when he's awake his eyes are either shut or only half open. When Manda was putting a cushion under his right elbow you could see him try to lift it and when I said "I'm going to roll you onto your right hand side now" he lifted his left shoulder slightly as though to try and turn over himself. I am really fighting hard at the moment re; pressure areas. A very small area is starting to open on his bottom.......I wish I could leave him laying on his side for a while but with his arms so clenched up it's too uncomfortable for him, and he's unable to "wriggle" and get himself into a comfortable position. Although the upper part of his body still looks quite muscular his legs are very thin now; mind you he's never had fat know how some families have the "Smith nose" or the "Jones ears" well in Mick's family they have a certain type of legs.

A sort of gangly, round knees type...hard to explain...the family knows what I mean. It seems to show up more in the males than the females..........and is always commented on at family gatherings in the warmer weather when the guys start wearing shorts.

We've no visitors this weekend so Mick and I have done some gardening; indoors not outdoors.. I've made a start on getting some of the fruit stones planted up for the Great Pip Challenge. I got Mick out of bed and into his wheelchair and brought him out into the kitchen. I reckoned that as I was going to be throwing compost about it would be better to do it out there. He's back in the living/bed room now, sitting in his armchair as I'm typing this. He looks very interested in what I'm doing. I had to snap this photo as he has his eyes wide open watching me.

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Audrey said...


What a lovely picture of Mick, he certainly looks absorbed in what your doing...

Have a lovely day

Love and hugs x

Sorlil said...

What a story. Thanks for popping by my blog, the weather sure is wild at the moment, how are you poor wee plants coping! That's a lovely picture of your husband, thanks for sharing.

gledwood said...

Luckily I don't have scrawny legs but I do have knobbly nees, also I have bits that stick out at the side that people say aren't natural. Well my legs work... So they are natural to me!

crpitt said...

Loving the legs. I love that pic of Mick he looks so cute (but with cheeky thoughts!)

RUTH said...

Now come on GW.....we girls need pictures!!!!....LOL