Thursday, January 11, 2007


Mick didn't say/sing anything else yesterday but that special moment will keep me going for months! I had a text come in at 1am in the morning....always worrying to get a late night text...I always think "Oh dear what's happened!" was my dear neighbour Sue. She was having a restless night and had noticed my kitchen light was on.......not realising that I am often up and about in the wee small hours she had text to ask if everything was alright and did I need any help...........what a lovely, kind thing to do. I text her back to let her know all was well and went to bed myself a little while after. Today she has taken a prescription for some dressings down to the surgery for me; the weather is awful, rain and gale force winds......poor Manda was going to have to walk down for me and I'm really grateful to Sue (she has a car) for thinking to pop over and ask me if we needed anything taken to the surgery as she was going there herself. She really is a kind soul and never goes to Tescos without asking if I need a bit of shopping done.

I had to put Mick's fresh patch on last night they seem to last three and a half days on average which is good; for a little while they only seemed to work for two days. He seems to have an extra long lie in when he has a new one, the effect of the drug in it I guess, but once again he managed to eat all his breakfast; albeit a late one.

He is now snuggled up and fast asleep as the wind howls outside with his special feather pillow and Winnie the Pooh pillowcase. I'm hoping that when he wakes up I can get a Complan drink down him as with having a late breakfast he has slept through lunch.

Unbelievable in the short while I've been writing this the skies have cleared and the sun has come out. I think I'll just pop out into the garden and check for wind damage.

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Ruby in Bury said...

Hope your garden's OK. It's been soooo windy. I was sleeping in the attic last night because I went to bed at about 2am and didn't want to disturb Mr Ruby by going to our room. If I wake him, he sometimes can't get back to sleep again. But the wind sounded horrendous from the attic. I think our roof tiles might need checking, I heard a horrible clatter at one point.
(If I'd been in my own room, the wind would probably have sounded horrendous from Mr Ruby, so not much choices of places to sleep really ;-) (Not that I can complain - I snore ZZZZZZZ!)

RUTH said...

We ladies don't SNORE Ruby....we just exhale loudly..LOL

gledwoodpoet said...

I tried to leave a message before so hopefully you won't get an annoying repeat. ("Server" was "down"- grr...

I've opened a new poetry blog:

There's only 2 things on it at present but by 10 tonight there should be more. Also I'm still working on the appearance etc.

I've never (thank God) had bad problems with Tripod. The new blog was up and running 100% within 5 mins!

Was your daughter so engrossed in my normal (??!) blog?? I'm flattered.

What's with Mick's odd glasses? Is it something to do with his being poorly? Please give him my best wishes. He is often in my thoughts.

I think that was it...

Take care Ruth



RUTH said...

Hi GW , have answered on your blog but for others who may be wondering...when Mick was first diagnosed he had double vision. He could talk etc for those first couple of weeks and said that he found he could see clearly if one eye was covered; so we put black tape over one lens. It worked well and as Mick can't tell me otherwise I've left the tape on

Mauigirl52 said...

Hi Ruth, so glad you had a good day with Mick singing that joke line to that song in the previous entry! Definitely seems he hasn't lost his sense of humor! ;-) Sounds like something my hubby would do!

The story about the woman not being given nourishment is very sad. Seems as if they didn't try very hard. My father, however, was in a nursing home with similar issues - he had Alzheimers' disease and had stopped eating. He was refusing to eat and when I asked him how he was, he said "Terrible!" Then he stopped speaking altogether and refused to eat. We decided NOT to feed him artificially because we knew he had had it and didn't want to live any more; he died about 5 days after he stopped eating. But if the woman didn't express that and was actually asking for food that is another thing and it is shameful that she didn't get treated properly.

crpitt said...

What a lovely neighbour, its lovely to know someone is keeping an eye on you.
mum went for an epidural for pain relief today, so hopefully that will provide some relief.

crpitt said...

Love this song!

RUTH said...

Mauigirl, I can imagine how difficult that must have been for you. At the moment Mick still WANTS to eat even though at times it is difficult him.

Claire, Hope your Mum's having less pain it a day clinic thing or do they keep her in for a while?
Sending you a hug

crpitt said...

Hey ruth, yes its a day clinic thing, because her spine has shifted it took 3 goes, so she has some nice looking puncture wounds! she said its worth though.
Thanks for the Hug!

gledwood said...

I didn't realize quite how poorly Mick was. At least he's at home though with family around. And he has you. Surely that means more to him than words ever could say.

RUTH said...

Thanks GW. It was Mick's wish that he could be at home as he was only given two months tops; it was a wish that I heartily agree with; I could never have spent so much time with him or been able to have the honour of doing so much for him if he had been in a hospice.